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   Article source: Football News




   In comparison, Shanghai Shenhua, who is short of soldiers, is more likely to compete for three points, so Yang Ji said before the game that there will still be a break in the game against Luneng. The main objects of rotation are foreign aid. Ivo and Dorado, who are injured, both need to rest, especially under the three-day intensive schedule. For the ranking of the group, Jianye does not seem to have much room for struggle. The club's long-term consideration is still in the second stage.


   In the two contests with Evergrande, Yang Ji used many young players, and full-back Niu Ziyi appeared in the last round of the league against Evergrande. It's the most appropriate to use the new born calf not afraid of tigers. In the case of a long-term failure to win, the team has to face the problem that morale cannot be improved. At this time, the positive attitude of the teenager's first starter to stimulate the team can indeed have a better effect. Although Niu Ziyi is technically It still needs to be polished, and awareness needs to be cultivated by more competitions, but his attitude of daring to fight and grabbing in the competition against Evergrande really impressed the others around him.


   For the match against Shandong Luneng, the specific starting list was not considered by the Jianye coaching staff before the press conference before the start of the game yesterday. Yang Ji said: "The only thing that can be determined is Zhou Dingyang alone. I have to look at the training in the afternoon and listen to the evaluation of the medical team in the evening. Because of the consecutive FA Cup and league matches, the physical and psychological conditions of the players This is what we have to consider.” Indeed, for Jianye, the psychological fatigue of long-term failure to win the league at this stage, coupled with the physical fatigue of previous improper rotation, is the most terrifying.


  Wang Shangyuan has been absent for many consecutive games. Jin Chenghuan did not make the list in the last round. Dorado suddenly felt unwell when warming up before the game, and then temporarily quit. Although Ivo has returned to play, judging from the range of his running and movements on the court, the previous strain was not complete. These people are the main players of the team. From the perspective of the normal game system in the past, it will not be a problem to deal with it. Now in the situation of a three-day game, there is no good fatigue, plus injuries, if you don’t rest, I am afraid it will affect the second stage of the knockout.


   There are still two games left in the league. For Jianye, who is currently at the bottom of the ranking, it is of little significance to pursue an increase in the ranking. In the next two games, the basic strategy of the coaching staff is no longer the study of skills and tactics, but focuses on the second stage of reserves. Yang Ji said: "The most important thing in the second stage is the personnel. No matter how good the skills and tactics are, the players need to execute it." The best way is to not add injuries, but also to enrich the already weak bench. Just refer to the last round of the match against Evergrande, send young players and let experienced players lead them to improve, and at the same time, let the young players' fresh-on-the-field hard work produce a chemical reaction with the players.