As one of the best football players of this era, Ronaldo can be called the world football, and even the entire sports world. He has fans all over the world, and tens of thousands of teenagers regard him as an idol.


Being able to collect jerseys or other souvenirs signed by Ronaldo is naturally a dream thing for many fans.


Since Cristiano Ronaldo first produced a batch of signature collections with ICONS in 2005, Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained a close cooperative relationship with ICONS.

自从克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在2005年首次与ICONS制作一批签名集以来,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)与ICONS保持着密切的合作关系。

Whether in Manchester United or Real Madrid, Ronaldo and ICONS have produced many signature collections, including jerseys, photos, sneakers, footballs, etc., and the frequency is basically maintained at least one batch a year, and more often it can reach two to three batches a year. .

不论是在曼联还是皇马,罗纳尔多和ICONS都生产了许多标志性的收藏,包括球衣,照片,运动鞋,足球等,并且频率每年至少保持一次,并且经常达到两次。一年三批。 。

In addition to ICONS (and A1 Sporting, these two are actually one company), Ronaldo has also cooperated with many other sports memorabilia agencies in the world in recent years. The more obvious examples are Exclusive Memorabilia in the UK, Fanatics Authentic in the US, and individual Japanese companies.

除了ICONS(和A1 Sporting,这两家公司实际上都是一家公司)外,罗纳尔多近年来还与世界上许多其他体育纪念品机构合作。比较明显的例子是英国的独家纪念品,美国的Fanatics Authentic和亚博登录网址日本的个别公司。

However, after the 18th World Cup, the newly launched Ronaldo signature collection on the market has been visibly reduced. From June 2018 to June 2020, for a full two years, Ronaldo only had one signing in May 2019.


Ronaldo (and his brokerage team), who has always attached great importance to the development of his own commercial value, has reduced the number of his signature collections recently? With this question in mind, Ocang interviewed the marketing managers of two famous British autograph souvenir brokerage companies, and asked him to talk about his views.


“Icons signed with Cristiano Ronaldo at least once a year from 2005-2018. Currently there is no signing scheduled with Cristiano and Icons are yet to agree signing terms for a new signing.”

“从2005-2018年,图标每年至少与克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)签约一次。目前,尚无与克里斯蒂亚诺(Cristiano)的签名计划,并且Icon(Icon)尚未同意新签名的签名条款。”

"From 2005 to 2018, ICONS signed with Cristiano Ronaldo at least once a year. At present, ICONS has no plans to sign with him, and we have not yet reached an agreement on the new contract terms.

“从2005年到2018年,ICONS至少每年与Cristiano Ronaldo签约一次。目前,ICONS没有与他签约的计划,而且我们还没有就新合同条款达成协议。

“We are unable to speak about this on their behalf, but I know that they will only deal with a number of people(us being one of them).”


"We can't answer on behalf of him (C Ronaldo), but as far as I know, they (the Ronaldo team) will only deal with certain people (we are one of them)."


From the answers of Ben and James, it is not difficult to read a hint of helplessness. Through the answer of the brokerage company, combined with our own understanding of the market, we have made the following speculations about the reasons for the reduction of Ronaldo’s collection:


As one of the top sports memorabilia companies in the United States, Upper Deck is very good at increasing the value of celebrity players' personally signed collections. One of their most commonly used and most effective means is to limit the number of player signatures, increase the unit price, and use this to match the player's worth. The advantage of this is that after the player retires, he can continue to maintain his head market image and delay the decline of commercial value. This is true for Jordan and James. It is not excluded that the Ronaldo team has similar considerations.

作为美国顶级体育纪念品公司之一,Upper Deck非常擅长提高名人运动员亲自签名的收藏的价值。他们最常用和最有效的方法之一是限制玩家签名的数量,增加单价,并以此来匹配玩家的身价。这样做的好处是,在玩家退休后,他可以继续保持自己的主要市场形象并延迟商业价值的下降。乔丹和詹姆斯都是如此。不排除罗纳尔多队也有类似的考虑。

Having said so much, after all, it is just our own speculation. The real reason may only be clear to the Ronaldo team.


But no matter where the Ronaldo personal signature collection on the market will go in the future, I sincerely wish that Ronaldo fans and Tibetan friends can collect their own Ronaldo signature.


Isn't this a happy life experience?