Hupu News, September 24 Yesterday, Fujian Men's Basketball ushered in the entrance exam before the new season-CBA physical fitness test. A total of 16 people participated in the physical test. Wang Zhelin and Sun Zhe were exempted from the test. The rest of the players basically obtained the CBA new season post certificate. Only Li Jianghuai failed in the special speed endurance test due to a mistake and needs to be supplemented. Measurement.


According to the relevant arrangements of the CBA physical test for the new season, it is divided into two items: physical fitness test and data collection. Among them, there are two physical fitness tests, namely the 2-minute intensity shooting and the special speed endurance test. The data collection items are as follows: height, standing stroke height, weight, arm span, hand length, hand width, body fat rate, in-situ take-off stroke, approach and take-off stroke, vital capacity, pulse and blood oxygen saturation.


In this physical examination, the first thing to do is to collect basic personal data, such as height, arm span, vital capacity, etc. In the touch high test, the teenager Li Yingbo performed well. He leaped to the spot and jumped directly to an excellent score of 3.37 meters. In the approach high school, Li Yingbo raised his height to 3.47 meters. Champion the team!


After the basic personal data is collected, the physical test will be officially started. The first thing we will usher in is the 2-minute intensity shooting. According to CBA regulations, each player is required to not only achieve a certain hit rate within 2 minutes, but also a certain number of shots in the specified time.


As the "three-point king" of the two-time three-point contest, Chen Linjian made 100 shots in the first 10 shots. Although the consecutive hits were interrupted, Chen Linjian was not affected. After a little adjustment, he immediately continued the previous feel. In the end, Chen Linjian made a total of 24 shots, reaching the number of shots required by the CBA and hitting 19 times, becoming the team's most scoring player.


After a round of shooting, the bodies of all the players finally heated up. In the 2-minute shooting session, the Fujian Men's Basketball team reached the standard.


The last test is the speed endurance test "17% off the devil". As the name suggests, it is to do 4 sets of 17 reentry runs continuously within a limited time. This test is mainly to test the physical fitness and endurance of the players.


"The Devil's 17% Off" requires players to perform 17 reentry runs in 4 groups, with 2 minutes of rest in the middle of each group. Player Tang Jie was the highest in the team in 56'97 in the first set of return runs. In the following three sets of return runs, Tang Jie still maintained amazing endurance and speed. All four groups were run, with an average score of 58'35 in each group. Currently ranked first in the league.

“魔鬼的17%折扣”要求玩家在4组中进行17次重入奔跑,每组中间休息2分钟。球员唐杰(Tang Jie)在第一轮回归中以56'97的表现位居全队之首。在接下来的三组回归中,唐杰仍然保持着惊人的耐力和速度。全部四组均参加,每组平均得分58'35。目前排名联盟第一。

Fujian men's basketball defender Li Jianghuai was not so lucky. Due to a mistake in the "Devil's 17% Off", he failed to step on the line in a turnback in the last set of tests, and was deemed a foul by the staff and cancelled all turnback runs.

福建男篮后卫李江淮不是那么幸运。由于“ Devil's 17%Off”的错误,他在最后一组测试中未能在转弯处上线,被工作人员视为犯规并取消了所有转弯操作。

After successfully passing the CBA physical test, the Fujian Men's Basketball Team will invest in the preparations for the new season and go all out to make full preparations for the new season that will start a month later.


In the 2019 CBA Draft, Fujian Men’s Basketball Team selected Tang Jie from NBL. Last season, he represented Fujian in 20 regular season games, averaging 3.6 points, 1.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 12.8 minutes per game.