In this game, Garland sent Bayeux and Antist’s regular strike partner. The former is a striker joined by the Celtics on loan, and the latter is the 18-year-old youth player Antti who made his debut this season. St.


After the barb score at the beginning of the season was named the best goal of the French second month, Antist became the most popular striker in Toulouse. He is the only striker who has not missed all 7 games and is young. Lightly showed leadership qualities.


The young captain of the youth training has been a tradition in Toulouse in recent years. Diop, who is currently playing for West Ham United, used to be captain at Violet. He was only 20 at the time, but his communication and toughness were unambiguous. And the two deputy captains Emian and Diakite are also very young.


Antist is also the captain of the youth team, and his current leadership talent is even recognized by the first team. However, in this game, Antist only touched the ball twice, one was offside, and the other was a throwing shovel with his feet off the ground, winning an undisputed red card.


After being sent off, the teenager did not leave the court, but sat with the team's executives. Chairman Comoli even comforted Antist kindly. Then the player explained to Cirière, who is also the team leader, that he was pushed before the foul, which made him unable to control his body.


Fortunately, Kuluris, who came on as substitute Bayo in this game, was active enough. He contributed a lot on the defensive end and won the penalty by relying on active running and tough physical confrontation.


The former Greek Golden Boot needs to adapt to a new role in France. He needs to make more goals and assists. Obviously he is not very used to it, and even ranks at the end of the Toulouse striker line for unprecedented. However, as Sanogo leaves the team, Tavi loses his position, Lea is abandoned by the top, Antist is suspended and Bayeux is injured, he will definitely win the opportunity to prove himself.


Antist is indeed a gem, but the more aggressive and tough Kulluris and Healy deserve more opportunities. Perhaps Antist's red card will become an opportunity for the next round.


According to "Violet Net" previous statistics, Spearlins became the second disappointing transfer of the season for Toulouse selected by fans. This is actually not aimed at him, but more about the concerns about the ineffective transfer operation.


But the starting list was unexpected. Spearlins directly replaced his compatriot Van den Bomann, who was quite threatening with set-pieces but the style of the game was soft-in fact, most Dutch players are like this in France, but Spear Lins came from Baojia.


Not only did he score a winning penalty, but if Spearlins' performance must be evaluated, it was grace and cleanliness. After the game, coach Garland commented: "His defensive ability is great, and his reading and passing level of the game is far superior to Sangaré, and he is not a substitute."


"Spirlins quickly integrated into the team's style of play, as if playing for a long time, we have evaluated his strength, but his character on the court will give us a lot of positive feedback."

“ Spirlins很快融入了球队的打法,好像打了很长时间,我们已经评估了他的实力,但是他在球场上的性格会给我们很多积极的反馈。”

Spearlins can bring more hardness to the midfield, which was previously expected. The regular starter of the team is 3 offensive midfielders, and the previous few rounds have tried to use defensive midfielder Sidibe at the end of the game, the effect is very good. Dea Gere is injured and may miss the next round. By then, you can see the cooperation of the two Dutch midfielders.


In the news shortly after the game, the defender Diakite, who was suspended for this game, broke his right hand while taking a bath. He is expected to be absent for 6 weeks...Toulouse's defense has been absolutely absolute since last season. Cursed: Chang Ziyuan with a serious ankle injury, Rocher with a fractured right arm, Morella with more serious symptoms of the new crown, and so on.


However, it is gratifying that the suspended Gabrielson will return after the current round, and Moreira finally got his first chance to start after recovering from the new crown. The latter's performance is just as unstoppable as he was when he came off the bench in the first two rounds. , The delay of the new crown on his new season has affected him for too long.

然而,令人欣慰的是,暂停的加百利森将在本轮比赛后重返赛场,而莫雷拉(Moreira)在从新的王冠中恢复后终于获得了首次参赛的机会。后者的表现就像他在前两轮替补席上一样无法阻挡。 ,首页新王冠在新赛季的延迟影响了他太长时间。

But the most eye-catching is Luau, who has made his career debut. This


Rouault's performance in this game was very good. He was more robust in handling high-altitude shots, which is what Toulouse, whose average defender's height is low, lacks. And since two of the previous three central defenders are swingers (Emian and Diakit), Toulouse's sense of position at the back is not good enough, which Rouault often delays to make up for.


Due to the impact of Diakite's injury, it is foreseeable that Emian, Gabrielson and Ruo will be partnered for some time in the future, and his overall pick is even ahead of Rochar. Perhaps these three players can reshape Toulouse's weak defense.