The upcoming European Super Cup with Bayern is Rakitic's first important game after returning to Seville. He expressed his expectation for this duel in an interview on the club's official website.


I'm fine, very happy,


They showed their advantages. We congratulate them on winning the Champions League, but tomorrow is another game. I believe they have ideas for us, because we have also won the respect of Europe. We want to work hard to play a great game, and we know that by creating trouble for them and fighting for the championship, anything is possible.


Very competitive, with an excellent team. Although their coach has not been in charge for a long time, he knows the team very well, which is reflected in every detail. Bayern combines experienced players and promising young people, and the striker has the ability to decide the game. We respect them very much, but we are not afraid of them. I want to enjoy the game with the best team and try to make them trouble.


I thank the team for the treatment given to me since the first day. We are very happy and motivated. Our training situation is good and the atmosphere is particularly good. I think we are fully prepared for the game.


The club has grown a lot and has taken an important step to the next level. I have seen a lot of changes and the possibilities are different from when I was here. This makes me very happy and allows me to move forward with peace of mind, because there is still a long way to go. The two ambitions are very well combined, which is passed to me by the people of the club, that is, the desire to continue to compete. I think a short holiday is also good. We can keep the joy of last season into this season and continue to make great achievements.


It is incredible. Without personal experience, it cannot be described in words. The emotions mixed with excitement, desire, and tension are rare and impressive. Then, it’s incredible to see everyone get the same happiness, and I hope we can do it again. I fully understand that when I think about it, my goose bumps are all up. It was really special. I hope we can all experience it again and enjoy that happiness together.


We talked for a while. Although we didn't talk too much, these days passed too much, but we have analyzed a lot of things. I think the coach will understand me more and more, and I will treat him the same. I thank him and the coaching team for taking care of me.


At the time, I told Munch that with such courage, they could win the Europa League. You can see the coaching team jumping and shouting on the sidelines and the benches watching the game intently. This is what distinguishes Sevilla from other teams. They defeated a team with a higher budget, but with this kind of unity and humility, I am not surprised by their results, but I still want to congratulate them for their efforts to appear here.


But after playing for the national team for 13 years, playing 106 times and experiencing everything in Russia (World Cup), I think the ideal moment has come. I thank them for taking care of me all the time,