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Xinhua News Agency, Paris, October 9 (Reporter Xiao Yazhuo) With the world's No. 1 Djokovic defeating No. 5 seed Sisipas 6-1 in the semi-final tiebreaker, the 56th "Dana Show" will be this week. The French Open final in Japan was staged as scheduled. Djokovic and Nadal, now the top two tennis players in the world, will once again stage a peak matchup at the Philippe Chatier Stadium in Roland Garros.


   In the previous 55 matches between the two, Djokovic had the upper hand with 29 wins and 26 losses. However, if only talking about the Grand Slam, Nadal has the advantage of 9 wins and 6 losses. If the range is further reduced to the French Open, the Spaniard's record is an overwhelming 6 wins and 1 loss.


   In fact, Nadal, who has the title of "King of Clay", has won most of his victories against Djokovic on clay. In their 24 clay court clashes, Nadal won 17 times.


   After the semi-finals of the day, Djokovic talked about the matchup with Nadal in an interview. The “top seed” said frankly: “This is his home court.”

在一天的半决赛之后,德约科维奇在接受采访时谈到了与纳达尔的比赛。 “头号种子”坦率地说:“这是他的主场。”

   In this game, no matter which side wins, a new record will be born. If Djokovic wins the championship, he will become the first player to complete the "double-lap Grand Slam" (at least twice in the four Grand Slams) since the Open era, and will further reduce the number of Grand Slam wins. The gap between Dahl and Federer. Federer currently ranks first in the history of men's singles with 20 Grand Slam titles, Nadal is second with 19, and Djokovic is third with 17 wins.


   For Nadal, if he wins this game, he will once again set the record for the most players to win a single Grand Slam, having previously won 12 times at Roland Garros. And he has already held 19 Grand Slam titles, and he will also attack Federer's record of 20 championships. It is worth mentioning that Nadal's current record in the French Open is 99 wins and 2 losses, which also means that in Sunday's finals, he is expected to win this historic "Muskete Cup" with his 100th French Open victory. .

对于纳达尔来说,如果他赢了这场比赛,他将再一次刷新单人大满贯冠军的记录,此前他曾在罗兰·加洛斯赢得12次冠军。他已经获得了19个大满贯冠军,他还将进攻费德勒(Federer)的20项冠军纪录。值得一提的是,纳达尔目前在法网的战绩是99胜2负,这也意味着纳达尔在周日的决赛中有望以他的第100场法网胜利来赢得这一历史性的“穆斯克特杯”。 。

   In the semi-finals of the day, the two men advanced in completely different ways. Nadal, who played first in straight sets, eliminated Argentine Schwarzman by 6:3, 6:3 and 7:6 (0), avenging his defeat to his opponent at the previous Italian Open. . So far in this French Open, Nadal still maintains an unmissed record.

在一天的半决赛中,两个人以完全不同的方式前进。纳达尔在连续比赛中首发,他以6:3、6:3和7:6(0)淘汰了阿根廷人施瓦茨曼,在上届意大利公开赛上向对手宣告失败。 。到目前为止,在本届法国公开赛上,纳达尔仍然保持着不可错过的纪录。

   And then Djokovic, who came on stage, was tested by the Greek player Sisipas. After winning the first two sets with 6:3 and 6:2, Djokovic had a chance to serve and win the game in the third set, but he failed to win and instead lost the set with 5:7. .

然后登上舞台的德约科维奇(Djokovic)由希腊球员西西帕斯(Sisipas)测试。在以6:3和6:2赢得前两盘后,德约科维奇有机会发球并赢得第三盘比赛,但他未能获胜,而是以5:7输掉了盘。 。

   The more and more courageous Sisipas made another victory with 6:4 in the fourth set, dragging the game into the final set. But with better strength and experience, Djokovic withstood the pressure. He broke serve first in the third game of the deciding set, and even broke the band to get a 3-1 lead. Subsequently, the full-fire Serbian never gave his opponent any chance, winning three consecutive games and finally won the game 6:1.


   The women's singles final of this French Open will take the lead on the 10th. The opponents will be the Australian Open champion Corning and Polish newcomer Swartek. (Finish)

这项法国公开赛女子单打决赛将在10日取得领先。对手将是澳网冠军康宁和波兰新人Swartek。 (完)