Hello, everyone! Games accompany us to grow, let us travel in countless fantastical worlds, we are also witnessing the transformation of the game, the scene of the game in memory or the restlessness and excitement accompanying school, the "fighting" in the dormitory and the noise in the Internet cafe , It may also be the wonderful feeling of exploring a new world alone. Welcome to "D Station Big Player".

大家好!游戏伴随着我们的成长,让我们在无数的梦幻世界中旅行,我们还目睹了游戏的变革,记忆中的游戏场景或伴随着学校的躁动与兴奋,宿舍中的“战斗”以及喧嚣中的喧嚣。网吧,也可能是独自探索新世界的美妙感觉。欢迎来到“ D Station大玩家”。

We will continue to update the theme content of the game in this column. You can rate the game, share your own game experience, and you can also communicate your experience with the D station gods.


The last game "Jian Wang 3" received a score of 6.2.


"Watch Dogs 2" (Watch Dogs 2) is an open world action-adventure third-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is the sequel to the 2014 "Watch Dogs". The game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms on November 15, 2016. The Microsoft Windows platform was also released on November 29.

“看门狗2”(Watch Dogs 2)是由育碧蒙特利尔开发并由育碧发行的开放世界动作冒险第三亚博登录网址人称射击游戏。这是2014年《看门狗》的续集。该游戏于2016年11月15日在PlayStation 4和Xbox One平台上首页发布。MicrosoftWindows平台也在11月29日发布。

This work is set in a fictitious version of San Francisco and performed from a third-person perspective. The player plays the role of a young hacker Marcus Holloway (Marcus Holloway), joins the hacker group DedSec, and terminates the city's advanced surveillance system ctOS 2.0.

这项工作是在旧金山的虚拟版本中进行的,并且是从第三人称视角进行的。该玩家扮演年轻的黑客马库斯·霍洛威(Marcus Holloway)的角色,加入了黑客组织DedSec,并终止了该市的高级监视系统ctOS 2.0。

Similar to the previous game, "Watch Dogs 2" is an action-adventure game with hidden elements. The game is an open world, played from a third-person perspective, and the story is set in a fictional version of San Francisco. San Francisco is composed of 6 different areas: downtown area, municipal area, coast, Oakland, Marin and Silicon Valley, each area has its own characteristics and aesthetic design.


Players can explore the city on foot or using vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, quadricycles and boats. The vehicle has been completely revised and is more accessible. Players can also use their own weapons to shoot while driving. The protagonist's stunt skills have also been improved, with the ability to parkour around the city.


Players can complete game tasks in different ways. They can choose to use firearms or Marcus’s melee weapon (a billiard ball attached to an elastic cord) to directly intrude, or they can use stealth to escape the enemy or use Marcus’ Taser ( Stun gun) temporarily paralyze them. The game has an upgraded hacking system.


Marcus can modify the personal information of each non-player character, hack into and manipulate cars and mobile phones in the game, hack into cars and traffic lights to disrupt traffic. He also has a remote control car-a jumper, a quadcopter and a remote control controlled by him. The game's level system has also returned, and items are divided into three categories: ghosts, invaders, and liars. Players can choose to upgrade according to their own game style.


The game has multiple main story missions and side missions called "actions". After completing these actions, Marcus’ followers will increase, and they will help players in the mission to complete the final goal.


Multiplayer games are back in Watch Dogs 2. The game introduces a multiplayer cooperation mode, where players can meet and interact with other players, and cooperate to complete tasks. The game also has an expression system, where player characters can communicate with each other through basic gestures. The game can be played completely online or offline. This game also has several competitive multiplayer game modes, such as asymmetric hacking mode.


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