Alexander Mitrovic is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying shooters in the English Champions League. The Serbian power center, who has participated in the World Cup and had double-digit goals in the Premier League season, is the most trustworthy support for upgrading favorite Fulham.


His efficiency this season is surprisingly high-just 52 shots on target brought 23 league goals. In the first round against Leeds, the opponent of this round, he won more than half of the air confrontation, helping the team win 2-1.


This time, however, a 22-year-old young man half a head shorter than him completely froze him. He only managed to touch the ball once in the penalty area, and the number was zero in the second half.


The young man named Ben White won more than 60% of the aerial confrontations, and he could always complete the right uptake before he received the ball; the grumpy Mitrovic elbowed White on the jaw in a fight. This is an authentic malicious foul and straight red action.

这位名叫本·怀特(Ben White)的年轻人赢得了超过60%的空中对抗,他总是可以在接球之前完成正确的接球。脾气暴躁的米特罗维奇在战斗中将怀特肘在下巴上。这是真正的恶意犯规和直接红色行为。

The referee didn't see it. Scott Parker breathed out on the sidelines. Mitrovic smiled and tried to show favor to White. He only saw an expressionless face.

裁判没有看到。斯科特·帕克(Scott Parker)在场边喘口气。米特罗维奇笑了,试图向怀特表示好感。他只看到一张无表情的脸。

Before the start of the game, Fulham, known as the most popular player in the Premier League, suddenly discovered that the immediate upgrade competitor, Leeds United, which was seven points ahead of him, was composed of a group of ruthless machines.


They scored one in the first ten minutes, second in 56 minutes, and third in 71 minutes. The third place in the English Champions League was beaten helpless.


After experiencing a full 16 years of low-level league years full of grief, absurdity, regret, flash of light, anticlimactic, and day by day mediocrity, at the end of the second year of the trip to the Argentine coach and "madman" on the road to Belsa Elan, The White Rose of West Yorkshire, once glorious and silent for a long time, firmly held the shuttle bus leading to the Premier League.


This time, they will not let go again.


Since being relegated from the Premier League in the 2003/04 season, Leeds United has not appeared in the mainstream vision of world football for a long time. It was not until June 15th two years ago that the long-dead team suddenly signed with the prestigious Bielsa.


Bielsa-Barty, Pochettino, Simeone’s mentor, Guardiola’s year-end acquaintance, 3313’s spokesperson, rigorous character and profound knowledge cultivated by a family of architecture, law, and politics, crazy with rock singers and bards A mixture of traits. One of the most prestigious and controversial coaches of our time. There will never be a lack of news where there is him.


He led Argentina to the Olympic championship, achieved success in Chile and Athletic Bilbao, and left in just two days after taking office as the Lazio coach.....


Before coming to Leeds United, Bielsa came home in Lille. For Leeds, who wants to make a big deal soon after changing their new boss, is the "madman" the right one?


In contact with Leeds United executives, Bielsa quickly demonstrated his special temperament. During the meeting, Leeds United General Manager Kinnier and Football Director Horta wanted to know his level of understanding of the Premier League.


The "lunatic" searched for information from his own huge notes and began to introduce the details of the formation of the two teams between Burton and Bolton last season. Then he introduced all the formations that Burton and Bolton used last season.


Then he began to introduce all the formations of the English Championship clubs, a team used 433, 442 or 352 several times a season. He has even calculated the probability of each formation defeating the others.


Kinnear and Horta's reaction after listening to Bielsa's introduction spread widely within Leeds United. The two allegedly looked at each other and shrugged each other, acknowledging that this was a very good answer.


Team chairman Radrizani immediately decided. The salary he paid to Bielsa was the highest in the entire second-level league and the highest among all coaches in the history of Leeds United. Such a big deal also made Bielsa happy to join the position-two years later, looking back today, Bielsa has joined Become one of the most memorable moments in Leeds United's centennial team history.


When he first arrived, the "madman" showed his unique and majestic passion. Once, he accidentally found a footprint on the wall of the team and asked the accompanying club staff what was going on.


Knowing that it might be the players' shoes, he said categorically. "This is a half-hearted performance in training. I can't tolerate it."

他知道这可能是球员的鞋子,因此断然地说。 “在训练中这是半心半意的表现。我不能容忍。”

The attitude towards footprints embodies Bielsa's perfectionist character, which is about to baptize the Leeds United Club in all directions.


Bielsa saw that the team's parking lot was obviously overloaded and some vehicles were parked outside. The "lunatic" warned that this might put pressure on the working day and demand the expansion of the parking lot.

Bielsa看到车队的停车场明显超载,一些车辆停在了外面。 “疯子”警告说,这可能给工作日带来压力,并要求扩大停车场。

The team’s training base in Yaqi Town has been renovated several times. Bielsa is satisfied in principle, but still insists on setting up the latest composite runway and restoring the long-abandoned heated swimming pool that was shut down by the former chairman Cellino;

该团队位于Yaqi镇的培训基地已进行了多次翻新。 Bielsa原则上感到满意,但仍坚持建立最新的综合跑道,并恢复由前董事长Cellino关闭的长期废弃的温水游泳池;

His control of diet and weight is harsh. The original custom of "pizza for dinner" was thrown aside. Each player has a tailor-made diet plan and keeps a diary to record their diet; the team members weigh themselves and monitor their body fat content every morning. They do skinfold tests every day, and even the smallest excessive behaviors are difficult to hide...

他对饮食和体重的控制严厉。 “晚餐披萨”的原始习俗被抛在一边。每个球员都有一个量身定制的饮食计划,并记日记以记录他们的饮食;团队成员每天早上自己权衡体重并监测体内脂肪含量。他们每天都会做皮褶测试,即使最小的行为也很难掩盖。

His training requirements are more stringent. The training ground is the workplace. Players must do full-time work when they come here. They enter the venue at 8 in the morning and end at 7 in the evening. Only lunch time can leave halfway.


Training is a test of the mind and body, and emphasizes one-to-one guidance. During lunch time players can rest and take a nap in their brand new dormitory.


It is worth mentioning that when observing the club’s lounge built for the players in the main building of the training base, Bielsa could not bear the fact that the lights installed in the room were off-center. He apologized for the nagging, but nevertheless, he had to change the set.


The madness of the "lunatic" is also reflected in the squeeze of himself. Bielsa installed a bed in his office. He spent a long time watching the video of the game inside the house. He can't wait to spend 24 hours on training and arrangement of skills and tactics.

“疯子”的疯狂也反映在他自己的挤压中。 Bielsa在他的办公室安装了一张床。他花了很长时间观看房屋内的比赛视频。他迫不及待地想花24小时训练和安排技巧和战术。

Bielsa's tactics are unique. Three guards, using the width of the court to reach the extreme, aggressive oppression, daring to take risks, continuous running, unremitting physical input-in the six warm-up games of the summer of 18, the average running distance of Leeds United even exceeded that of last season The average value in the Champions League.


The most important point is that he hopes that the team's formation can continue to flow, and that players can switch to different positions and play different roles in a game.


At this point, a lot of tactical training is needed to let the players understand their football philosophy and tactical style. Scottish left-back Barry Douglas, who made great contributions to the Wolves’ promotion, also mentioned this in the summer a year later.

在这一点上,需要大量的战术训练,以使球员了解他们的足球哲学和战术风格。苏格兰左后卫巴里·道格拉斯(Barry Douglas)为狼队的晋升做出了巨大贡献,一年后的夏天也提到了这一点。

"The experience of playing under Bielsa is very special. He is a different coach. In training, we will do a lot of formation drills. But we don't do much in small matches and passing and receiving training. Training more It revolves around tactics. Training requirements are very strict."


The players who had survived the summer training camp suddenly discovered that their opponents in the British Championship suddenly became weaker. A 3-1 victory to upgrade the favorite Stoke City, a 4-1 sweep of play-off regular Derby County, and a three-game winning streak; starting in late November, the victory of rival Xie Lian opened a wave of brilliant seven-game winning streak.


As a team that has been in the middle of the standings in the past few years, Leeds United suddenly found itself in the top two of the standings. You know, most of the players in this wave are the 13th-placed main team in the league last season.


For the first time in years, fans of the White Roses can enjoy successive victories. 11-year-old fan Alfie Phillips was thrown high into the air by enthusiastic fans after defeating Norwich 3-0 in the first half, and soon became the new home stand of Elland Road as a "Flaying kid" Popular culture.

多年来,“白玫瑰”的粉丝们第一次享受到了连续的胜利。 11岁的球迷阿尔菲·菲利普斯(Alfie Phillips)在上半场以3-0击败诺威奇后被狂热的球迷高高举起,并很快成为Elland Road的新主场,成为“流浪小子”的流行文化。

In the next 18 months, this scene will continue to be staged.


After half the battle, Leeds United unexpectedly topped the list. Fans numb in the successive setbacks saw the true hope of returning to the Premier League for the first time in many years.


The seemingly calm first half of the season is actually not lack of sudden stormy waves, such as the "Spygate" incident that broke out in January 2019.


Early on a Thursday morning that month, Derbyshire police received a report of a suspicious man wandering near the fence around the Derbyshire training base.


Soon after, Bielsa called Lampard, then Derby County coach, and admitted that it was an informant he had sent to observe the opponent's training.

不久之后,贝尔萨(Bielsa)打电话给兰帕德(Lampard),后者当时是德比郡(Derby County)的教练,并承认这是他派遣来观察对手训练的线人。

Public opinion in the English football arena suddenly went viral. In the next few days, Derby County filed a complaint with the EFL, and Bielsa’s reputation was attacked by the media, which deemed it an unethical behavior.

在英国足球界,舆论突然流行开来。在接下来的几天中,德比郡(Derby County)向EFL投诉,而贝尔萨(Bielsa)的声誉受到媒体的抨击,这被认为是不道德的行为。

Unlike some reporters who believed that he would resign soon based on his previous style, Bielsa used a 66-minute long press conference to counterattack, showing what he had compiled about Derby County and other club games. A large number of video clips revealed everything he found: the formation used, possible substitutes, and various changes in the set ball.


He responded to his reason for sending a "spy". "Because I'm stupid," Bielsa said. "Observing opponents is not that useful, but it can reduce my anxiety." "What I want to explain is that I have no malice, nor have I tried to gain an unfair advantage in sports."

他回应了发送“间谍”的原因。 “因为我很傻,”比尔萨说。 “观察对手没有什么用,但是可以减轻我的焦虑。” “我想解释的是,我没有恶意,也没有试图在体育运动中获得不公平的优势。”

Bielsa's long press conference did not allow him to escape punishment. 11 clubs of the same level subsequently joined the ranks of complaints against Bielsa and Leeds United. At the end of the season, the EFL announced a fine of £200,000 on Leeds United and banned any team from entering the opponent's training base 72 hours before the game.


The Leeds fans didn't care, they used their songs to support the coach.


"No team will evaluate the polarization like Leeds United. People who hate them hate them, and those who love them love them." Leeds United team reporter Phil Hay once commented on this one. He followed the club for more than ten years. Perhaps through the "Spygate" incident, we can have a deeper understanding of this sentence.

“没有团队会像利兹联那样评估两极分化。讨​​厌他们的人讨厌他们,而爱他们的人爱他们。”利兹联队记者Phil Hay曾对此发表评论。他追随俱乐部十多年。也许通过“间谍门”事件,我们可以对这句话有更深入的了解。

Added a sentence behind the sea. "Countless people slander the Leeds United Club and everything it stands for. But this club is not for them."

在海后面增加了一个句子。 “无数人诽谤利兹联俱乐部及其所代表的一切。但是这个俱乐部并不适合他们。”

At least for this moment, God has favored Leeds United and those who love Leeds United. In the match against Derby County after the "Spy Gate", the White Roses won 2-0 and doubled their opponents this season.




In the 1969/70 season, the ambitious Leeds United coach Don Levy wanted to win the league, the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup in one fell swoop, but they failed. When the dust settled, the Times reporter Geoffrey Green left such a comment that was almost proverbial.

在1969/70赛季,雄心勃勃的利兹联教练Don Levy想一举夺得联赛,欧洲冠军联赛和足总杯,但他们失败了。尘埃落定后,《泰晤士报》记者杰弗里·格林发表了这样的评论,这几乎是众所周知的。

There is a saying in Sisyphus's story, time goes back in time, but life is always there. Leeds United have been repeating the important task of pushing the boulder for a hundred years, but they never seem to be able to escape this cycle.

西西弗斯(Sisyphus)的故事中有一句话,时间会回到过去,但生活永远存在。利兹联(Leeds United)一直在重复推动巨石运动的重要任务一百年,但他们似乎永远无法摆脱这一循环。

Before the start of the game, Bielsa wanted a shooter, but whether it was Abel Hernandez or Czech Vidra, these first-class strikers in the Premier League rejected the recruitment of Leeds.


The Dutch winger Josephson, who plays for the same level of team Brentford, had agreed to sign, but at the last minute his agent called Horta, the general manager, and they decided to switch to Derby County. Horta was so angry that he had his phone Smashed.


When the season came halfway, luck still seemed unwilling to favor Leeds United. They tried to sign Daniel James from Swansea, and the transfer was stranded in the last few minutes of the last day of January.


James passed the medical examination, signed various forms, and has even been photographed holding a jersey with his name and number 21 printed on it.


However, Swansea did not complete the transfer procedures until the end. In the summer of 19, Daniel went to Manchester United.

但是,斯旺西直到最后才完成转让程序。 19年夏天,丹尼尔去了曼联。

After the "Spy Gate", the results of Leeds United began to decline. It's not just the direct impact of this matter. Bielsa does not like to change the starting lineup. In the 46 rounds of the Champions League, a set of lineups can easily lead to physical exhaustion.

在“间谍门”之后,利兹联的成绩开始下降。这不仅是此事的直接影响。 Bielsa不喜欢更改首发阵容。在欧洲冠军联首页赛的46轮比赛中,一组阵容很容易导致身体疲惫。

After half a season of observation and research, many teams have gradually become familiar with Bielsa's style.


In the second round against direct competitors Norwich and Sheffield United, they lost 1-3 and 0-1 respectively, in addition to a series of lost points against the middle and lower teams. The deadliest game occurred in the 43rd round-with four rounds left, Leeds United had a goal difference not as good as the straight-up rival Shelton, but had a three-point lead.


They sit on the home court and the visiting team Wigan Athletic has only won one league away game before. They played one more man and scored one more goal early, and they seemed to have a grip on three points. However, Wigan striker Gavin Marcy scored twice to put Elland Road into a dead silence.

他们坐在主场上,客队Wigan Athletic之前只赢过一场联赛比赛。他们又打了一个男人,又提前打进了一球,他们似乎掌握了三分。然而,维冈前锋加文·马西(Gavin Marcy)得分两次,使埃兰德路(Elland Road)陷入沉寂。

The invincible Leeds United fell to third at the last minute and can only participate in the play-offs. The opponents are Frank Lampard and his Derby County. Leeds retreated 1-0 in the first leg away. Counting the 4-1 victory at the opening stage and the 2-0 after the "Spy Gate", they have killed their opponents three times.

无敌的利兹联队在最后一刻跌至第三,只能参加季后赛。对手是兰帕德(Frank Lampard)和他的德比郡(Derby County)。利兹在第一回合就以1-0落后。算上开幕式的4-1胜利和“间谍之门”之后的2-0,他们已经三次杀死了对手。

Back at Elland Road, the stadium was completely full. Excited fans believed that the team, out of the dilemma at the end of the season, would go straight to Wembley from Elland Road. And they are fulfilling their duties as the twelfth man.

回到艾兰路(Elland Road),体育场已满员。激动的球迷们认为,在本赛季结束时,球队可以摆脱困境,从埃尔兰道直奔温布利。他们正在履行第十二个人的职责。

Everything at the opening went smoothly. Dallas' supplementary shot extended the lead to two goals, and Leeds United had stepped into the play-off final with one foot.


Lampard decisively sent on the impact striker Mariotte, and his master Mourinho played four forwards at the critical juncture, but the thunder was loud and the rain was small before the end of the half. Once the momentum of the visiting team slowly weakens, Leeds United's hopes are getting bigger and bigger.


At the end of the half, Derby County tried to get behind the ball, and Mariotte sprinted at high speed to keep up with his captain Liam Cooper. As long as the ball is cleared behind him, Leeds is basically sure to take a two-goal lead into the locker room. Cooper was about to step down, and a black shadow slashed out, knocking it to the ground...


It was his teammate, former Real Madrid goalkeeper Kico Casilla. The two crashed, fell to the ground one after another, and the door opened wide. Marriot laughed and accepted the gift, and Derby County magically approached the score.

那是他的队友,皇马前门将卡西拉(Kico Casilla)。两人坠毁,一个接一个地倒在地上,门开了。马里奥特笑着接受了礼物,德比郡神奇地接近了比分。

The situation on the court suddenly became tense. The fans on the sidelines were hoarse, and the players on the field-especially Casilla, became more and more nervous. The Spaniard almost made another error before halftime.


In an atmosphere of restlessness, excitement, and trance, Derby County scored the second and third, leading the score in one fell swoop; Dallas' brace made Elland Road crazy for a while, but Berardi's two yellows The end makes the situation more uncontrollable...

在焦躁不安,兴奋和tr的气氛中,德比郡取得了第二名和第三名,一举领先。达拉斯的支撑使Elland Road疯狂了一段时间,但是Berardi的两个黄球结束了,局势变得更加不可控。

In 85 minutes, the unknown premonition finally became a cruel reality. Derby County's pass arbitrarily crossed Leeds United's broken defense, and the offensive hero Mariotte keenly appeared in front of Casilla and hit the goal...

在85分钟内,未知的预兆终于变成了残酷的现实。德比郡(Derby County)的传球任意横穿了利兹联队的防线,进攻英雄马里奥特(Mariotte)敏锐地出现在卡西利亚(Casilla)面前并射门得分...

A well-prepared season, a brilliant start to a season, and a season in which you were competing for direct promotion seats from beginning to end, ended in an incredible way.


Along with the ecstasy of Lampard and Derby County fans, there was also the shock, anger and sadness of Liz United players and fans.


Completely sad.


The next morning after losing to Derby County, the Leeds United team assembled at the Yaki Town training base for the last time. The actions of some members of the Bielsa coaching team revealed a feeling of parting and sadness, which made many players feel Argentina. People will leave after the season.

在输给德比县之后的第二天早晨,利兹联队最后一次在亚基镇训练基地集会。 Bielsa教练团队的一些成员的举动表现出一种离别和悲伤的感觉,这使许多球员感到阿根廷。人们将在赛季结束后离开。

But less than 24 hours after the gathering, Bielsa had already started to negotiate with Leeds United General Manager Kinnear on the issue of contract renewal.


The British Championship is frequent and the schedule is long. But after the season, Bielsa only returned to his hometown in Argentina for four days. A source close to Bielsa revealed that the most important reason for the Argentine's choice to stay was that he could not accept the result that he failed in the semifinals of the play-offs and ultimately missed the Premier League.


The disciples he stayed behind thought so too. Captain Liam Cooper, who has been ridiculed on social media as "League One Liam"-refers to the Scottish central defender who can't even reach the level of the British championship, on behalf of the entire team. Declaration.

他留下来的门徒也这么想。在社交媒体上被嘲笑为“联盟一利亚姆”的利亚姆·库珀上尉(Liam Cooper)指的是代表整个团队甚至无法达到英国冠军水平的苏格兰中央后卫。宣言。

"Before Bielsa, we accepted mediocrity. But now we will not let it return to its original state."


"The standard we set now is black and white. In fact, if someone in the locker room relaxes, they will be pulled out, accused, and the boys will beat them up."


"The fifth episode of "Leeds United: Take Us Home"? After the upgrade this season, I will watch it. But not now."




If you compare Leeds United in the 18/19 season to an "anticlimax", then the new season seems to be a replica of the previous season. They once gained a very lead, but there was no extra tonic in the winter. Instead, important reserves such as Jack Clarke and Nkadia were recalled by the parent team, and the thickness of the lineup plummeted.

如果将18/19赛季的利兹联队与“反高潮”进行比较,那么新赛季似乎是上一赛季的复制品。他们曾经取得了很大的领先,但是冬天没有补品。取而代之的是,母队召回了诸如杰克·克拉克(Jack Clarke)和恩卡迪亚(Nkadia)等重要的后备球员,阵容的深度直线下降。

Since the New Year, they have won only one victory in seven rounds, and their lead has been wiped out step by step by the pursuits of Nottingham Forest, Fulham, Brentford and others. In early February, they only held the second place in the league with a goal difference.


After losing 0-2 to the direct competitor Nottingham Forest, the familiar crash seems to happen again. Criticism began to emerge, "Bielsa overdrafts the main force; the team's frontline weakness is serious; Bielsa's tactics are too single..."

在直接对手诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)输给0-2之后,熟悉的崩溃似乎又发生了。批评开始浮出水面:“贝尔萨透支了主要力量;球队的前线实力严重不足;贝尔萨的战术太单一了……”

However, Cooper's decisive oath came into effect. Leeds United got a familiar script, but this time their "last mile" no longer hastily ended.


In the 33rd round, facing the fierce direct competitor Brentford in the second half, it was Cooper who stood up and his shot helped the team score a point to stop the bleeding;


The next one to come forward is team deputy Luke Allin. An energetic guy who came to Leeds at a low price with a six-figure value, plays the role of right back.


He is determined, goes all out, and has high prestige in the locker room. Some people may complain about his slightly rough foot technique, but in the game against Bristol City, his shot helped the team bite a valuable three-pointer. This is just the beginning. A 4-0 victory over Hull City, a 2-0 relegation to Mah Huddersfield, it was Luke Alling who opened the scoring for the team.

他下定决心,全力以赴,并在更衣室享有很高的声望。有人可能会抱怨他的脚步技术有些粗糙,但是在与布里斯托城的比赛中,他的投篮帮助球队咬了宝贵的三分球。这仅仅是开始。 4-0击败赫尔城,以2-0降级至马德·哈德斯菲尔德,是卢克·阿灵为球队打开了进球。

In the game against Reading, Spanish veteran Pablo Hernandez decided the game. Bielsa had a famous comment when he first came to Leeds. "I have benefited a lot from coaching players like Pablo." The veteran who scored a double-double in the 18/19 season was also unambiguous at this time, starting from the penalty zone line, Limbo approached the goal between microsteps, and shot a three-pointer.

在与雷丁的比赛中,西班牙老将巴勃罗·埃尔南德斯(Pablo Hernandez)决定了比赛。比尔萨第一次来利兹时发表了著名的评论。 “我从像巴勃罗这样的教练中受益匪浅。”在18/19赛季得分双双的老将此时也毫不含糊,从罚球线开始,Limbo在微步之间逼近球门,投中三分球。

In the next game, Poles Krieger took over the offensive banner. A player who was reprimanded by his youth coach for being "too selfish and had no teammates in his eyes", and a player who had been on the bench during his first season with the team and left the team for a while. The arrival of Bielsa made him completely reborn.

在接下来的比赛中,波兰人·克里格(Poles Krieger)接管了进攻旗帜。被青年教练谴责的球员“过于自私,眼中没有队友”,以及在球队第一个赛季一直坐在板凳上并离开球队一段时间的球员。 Bielsa的到来使他彻底重生。

In the previous two consecutive victories, he was the assister. In the game against Mi Fort, his score helped the team win three consecutive victories. It is worth mentioning that the youth training coach named Marcin Sadko has been paying attention to Krieger's current performance. "Now, he is an authentic team player."

在前两次连续的胜利中,他是助手。在与Mi Fort的比赛中,他的得分帮助球队赢得了三连胜。值得一提的是,名为Marcin Sadko的青年训练教练一直在关注Krieger的当前表现。 “现在,他是一个真正的团队合作者。”

Casilla, who made a fatal mistake in the crucial battle with Derby County last season, found Bielsa last summer, confessing that “he didn’t want to slip back to Spain in this way” despite Valencia and Villarreal. Such a team extended an olive branch to him.

卡西拉(Casilla)上个赛季在与德比郡(Derby County)的关键战役中犯了一个致命的错误,但他在去年夏天找到了贝尔萨(Bielsa),他承认尽管瓦伦西亚(Valencia)和比利亚雷亚尔(Villarreal)还是“他不想以这种方式回到西班牙”。这样的团队向他伸出了橄榄枝。

This season, he has completed 15 zero seals in 35 games played. Including three 1-0s from 33 to 35 rounds.


On the defensive end, the two young men became crucial ballasts for the team. In addition to Ben White mentioned at the beginning, Calvin Phillips, the young team's youth training, is also more and more courageous.

在防守端,这两名年轻人成为了球队的关键镇流器。除了开头提到的本·怀特(Ben White),年轻球队的青年训练生卡尔文·菲利普斯(Calvin Phillips)也越来越勇敢。

After Bielsa came to the team, he believed that Phillips had the potential to become the core of the team's offense and defense. He transformed from an attacking midfielder to a single midfielder for the team-this position is extremely demanding and requires extremely high individual qualities.


He has to participate in the protection of the double central defenders, sinking to the defensive line when necessary to form a three-guard; he is responsible for the key pass of the team when the team is on the offensive, and he has to constantly move to become a reliable receiver in the eyes of his teammates point......


How did he finish? Earlier this year, Southgate had already considered recruiting him into the England team. As a player in the British Championship.


Round 33 to round 37, five consecutive victories! Rising up, they welded the lead. After a long wait of three months, they began their final charge murderously, and poor Fulham became the first victim.


Hai is mentioned in the column of The athletic. "I am convinced that this group of lads never want a 37-round, half-cut British championship."

在《体育》专栏中提到了Hai。 “我坚信,这群小伙子们永远都不想获得37轮半切的英国冠军。”

When the dust settles, if you use one person to summarize the penance of the low-level league that has lasted for a full sixteen years, who is the best candidate?


Richard Naylor? Leeds United's loyal fans, the team has returned from the lowest point in team history-the captain who returned to the Championship in three years. 10 years in the FA Cup 1-0 victory over Manchester United's defense backbone. After confirming the upgrade in the last round of the regular season in the summer of 10 years, he stood in the center of the court and directed the fans to shout the team song "Marching on Together" (Leeds fans often use the acronym MOT to express their identity)

理查德·内洛(Richard Naylor)?利兹联队的忠实拥,,车队已经从队史上的最低点回来了,他是三年来重返世锦赛的队长。 10年的足总杯1-0击败曼联的防守骨干。在10年夏天的常规赛最后一轮确认升级后,他站在球场中央,指示歌迷喊出队歌“ Marching on Together”(利兹歌迷经常使用首字母缩写MOT来表达他们的身份)

(Naylor defends Rooney)


Jermaine Beckford? In the three years of League One, scored more than 20 goals every year. To Manchester United's great victory, he was the scoring hero.

杰梅因·贝克福德(Jermaine Beckford)?在第一联赛的三年中,每年打进20多个进球。对于曼联的伟大胜利,他是得分王。

Pontus Janssen? Perhaps the best central defender in Leeds United's low-level league, the most favorable Leeds United player.

Pontus Janssen?也许是利兹联低级联赛中最好的中央后卫,也是利兹联最有利的球员。

When he joined the team in 2016, fans witnessed the constant change of head coaches, substitutions even faster than players running on the court. They even have no hope of the team's promotion to the top half of the standings.


In the home game against Huddersfield, Janssen completed a fierce tackle and then celebrated wildly.


He is even more passionate than fans when celebrating a goal. He looks a bit taller than other players, has more tattoos, is more active in asking for the ball than other players, and is more emotional. That season, Leeds joined the upgrade competition for a long time.


Andy Mcvie? An ordinary elementary school teacher in Leeds, a longtime friend of Premier League referee Jonathan Moss and a band partner in the 1990s.

安迪·麦维(Andy Mcvie)?利兹的一名普通小学老师,英超联赛裁判乔纳森·莫斯(Jonathan Moss)的长期朋友以及1990年代的乐队合伙人。

But more importantly, he is an avid Leeds United fan and an "amateur" street artist. For a long time, McVeigh would come to the streets of Leeds every weekend to create. Telephone booths, electric boxes, walls, street lamp poles... are rendered colorful by his graffiti.


The current owner of the team, Andrea Radrizani?

球队的现任老板安德里亚·拉德里扎尼(Andrea Radrizani)?

After joining the home team in 2017, he changed the image of "faint and chaotic" left to fans by the management in the previous few years, and implemented a number of measures in a short period of time. He bought back the women's team that was previously required to stand on its own feet; he bought back the ownership of Elland Road Stadium; he quickly rebuilt the rather bleak youth echelon under the predecessor of Cellino.

在2017年加入主队后,他改变了前几年管理层留下给球迷的“微弱和混乱”的形象,并在短时间内采取了许多措施。他回购了以前需要自己站起来的女子小组;他买回了Elland Road Stadium的所有权;他迅速在Cellino的前身重建了相当荒凉的青年梯队。

He peddled to the Leeds City Council an infrastructure plan called "Elland Road 2020", which is expected to cost more than 25 million pounds to build a training base, including several brand-new professional training fields and gymnasiums. Nutrition and physiotherapy centers have also been included. Construction plan. The construction standards will meet the primary standards required by the Premier League.

他向利兹市议会兜售了一项名为“ Elland Road 2020”的基础设施计划,该计划预计将花费超过2500万英镑来建立一个培训基地,其中包括几个全新的专业培训领域和体育馆。营养和物理治疗中心也包括在内。施工计划。施工标准将符合英超联赛的主要标准。

Most importantly-in the summer of 2018, Bielsa became the head coach of Leeds United.




However, the person in my mind is not any of them. In fact, he had almost no intersection with Leeds during these sixteen years. But the domestic old Leeds fans are no strangers to him.


Lee Bowyer. At the turn of the century, the most controversial individual in the "Young Guards" lineup that has entered the Champions League semi-finals. He was once shining, and was also involved in numerous scandals, and finally left the team at a low price, which was almost in the midst of allegations. It was in January 2003 when Leeds United had already been declining.

李·鲍耶(Lee Bowyer)。在世纪之交,进入“欧冠半决赛”的“青年卫队”阵容中争议最大的个人。他曾经是个闪闪发亮的人,并且还卷入了许多丑闻,最终以低价离开了团队,这几乎是在指控之中。到了2003年1月,利兹联队已经开始下滑。

Because of his involvement in the beating of Asian student Najeb with his teammate Woodgate, Bowyer, who left the team, had already lost the main role of the team. He was described by the media as an alcoholic, smoking, violent, racist, cowardly, and unrepentant. , Damn despicable villain.

由于参与了亚洲学生纳吉布(Najeb)和队友伍德盖特(Woodgate)的殴打,离开团队的鲍耶(Bowyer)已经失去了团队的主要职责。媒体称他为酗酒,吸烟,暴力,种族主义,ly弱和un悔。 ,该死的卑鄙小人。

Bowyer, who left Leeds, ultimately failed to save his career. In Newcastle, his fight with teammate Keelung Dell almost completely nailed it to the pillar of shame. This is almost the last memory of him.

离开利兹的鲍耶最终未能挽救他的职业生涯。在纽卡斯尔,他与队友基隆·戴尔(Kelung Dell)的搏斗几乎将其根深蒂固。这几乎是他的最后记忆。

After many years, when the 43-year-old Bowyer appeared in the public eye again, many people fell through their glasses. At the Charlton Club where his dream started, Bowyer started his first journey as a coach in his life.


At that time Charlton was in deep financial crisis. There were conflicts between fans and club owner Roland Du Chatre. The club staff were not even allowed to bring lunch into the base, "because the team could not afford the cleaning costs", and the supply of water and electricity Is limited.

当时查尔顿正处于严重的金融危机中。球迷与俱乐部老板罗兰·杜·查特(Roland Du Chatre)之间发生冲突。俱乐部工作人员甚至没有被允许带午餐进入基地,“因为球队无法负担清洁费用”,水和电的供应也受到限制。

Bowyer can only lead a group of youth team players in the League, making some minor adjustments with very low salaries. As a reference, former Premier League powerhouse Bolton, who is also in deep crisis, used a large number of young players in the first half of this season, and suffered successive defeats.


Under extremely harsh conditions, Bowyer led the team into the promotion play-offs for two consecutive years, surpassing Doncaster and Sunderland in the summer of 19, miraculously returning to the British championship. This season, Bowyer's team has gone through ups and downs. It has withstood the pressure in the absence of stable investment and hard to reinforce the winter window. Now it is basically worry-free to relegation. The bad boy of the past showed his excellent coaching ability and completed a gorgeous turn.


How much can be changed in 16 years? He may be able to let a young and energetic Leeds United fan accept all sorts of unsatisfactory beatings, and gradually become numb between hope and disappointment, so that he can't believe his beloved home team will finally return to the promised land. ;

16年内可以更改多少?他也许能够让年轻而充满活力的利兹联球迷接受各种不尽人意的殴打,并逐渐变得希望与失望之间麻木,以至于他无法相信自己心爱的主队最终会重返诺言。 ;

But the greater possibility is that from a healthy young man to a mature and stable person who has experienced all kinds of situations in the world, he can accept failure with confidence, enjoy success with confidence, and find his own path in all changes. .

但是更大的可能性是,从一个健康的年轻人到一个经历了世界上各种情况的成熟稳定的人,他可以充满信心地接受失败,充满信心地享受成功,并在所有变化中找到自己的道路。 。

The 27-year-old Bowyer pointed out that it is a negative teaching material on the football field; the 43-year-old Bowyer is already a leader of the youth army. He patiently polishes the players and humbly asks Bielsa for advice. The fans who hated it pulled back to the Valley Stadium;


In the 03/04 season, Leeds United was in deep financial crisis. It took only four years from the Champions League semi-finals to the second league, and the future is in confusion;


In the 19/20 season, Leeds United is about to complete sixteen years of hard training. After all the blows it can experience, the current management is stable, the coaching staff is ambitious, and the players are united...


So, what about the White Rose fans who have been waiting for their love to return for 16 years? In the prime of life, when the love of youth is reborn from the fire, is there still a desire to accompany them to witness the next glorious period?