Hello, everyone! Games accompany us to grow, let us travel in countless fantastical worlds, we are also witnessing the transformation of the game, the scene of the game in memory or the restlessness and excitement accompanying school, the "fighting" in the dormitory and the noise in the Internet cafe , It may also be the wonderful feeling of exploring a new world alone. Welcome to "D Station Big Player".

大家好!游戏伴随着我们的成长,让我们在无数的梦幻世界中旅行,我们还目睹了游戏的变革,记忆中的游戏场景或伴随着学校的躁动与兴奋,宿舍中的“战斗”以及喧嚣中的喧嚣。网吧,也可能是独自探索新世界的美妙感觉。欢迎来到“ D Station大玩家”。

We will continue to update the theme content of the game in this column. You can rate the game, share your own game experience, and you can also communicate your experience with the D station gods.


The previous game "Black Soul 3" received a score of 9.3.

先前的游戏“ Black Soul 3”获得了9.3分。

"Monster Hunter: World" (Monster Hunter: World) is an action-adventure game launched by CAPCOM. It was released on the console platform on January 26, 2018, and the PC version was released on August 9 of the same year. . This game is the new work of the series for the home console platform after the "Monster Hunter 3" released in 2009. It is also the first time that this series has been released on Windows. It is also the first time that this series has been Chineseized. The game’s only large-scale expansion piece "Monster Hunter World: Icefield" landed on the console platform in September 2019 and on the PC in January 2020.

《怪物猎人:世界》(Monster Hunter:World)是CAPCOM推出的动作冒险游戏。它于2018年1月26日在控制台平台上发布,而PC版本于同年8月9日发布。 。该游戏是2009年发行的《怪物猎人3》之后的家庭控制台平台亚博登录网址系列的新作品。这也是该系列第一次在Windows上发行。这也是该系列书第一次中文化。游戏的唯一大型扩展片《怪物猎人世界:冰原》于2019年9月登陆主机平台,并于2020年1月登陆PC。

In the game, players can arm themselves to complete various tasks, fight various monsters, gradually improve their hunting skills, survive the fierce and varied battles, and eventually become the ultimate hunter. The beautiful graphics and gorgeous skills and special effects are loved by the majority of players.


Players need to control a hunter who is going to explore the new world and perform the task of investigating the mystery of the migration of the ancient dragon. At the beginning of the game, the player will follow the ancient dragon-melting mountain dragon to the New World by boat, and gradually understand the truth of the mystery of the ancient dragon migration through his own investigation. On the way, the player will visit ancient tree forests, large ant wastelands, land coral terraces, and miasma In places such as the Valley of the Dragon, the Land of Dragon Crystals, and other places, at the same time, they encountered dangerous monsters such as wild jaw dragon, horned dragon, wind drifting dragon, cruel claw dragon, explosion scale dragon, steel dragon and so on. At the end of this article, the hunter controlled by the player must fight and win the battle against the unknown ancient dragon in the New World-the Dark Lantern Dragon.


Unlike its predecessors, "Monster Hunter: World" has an open map and more types of monsters, and the more delicate picture quality gets rid of the previous title of "Mosaic Hunter". In such a world, players can become hunters, experience the real hunting life, use the various terrain and ecological environment in the newly constructed world to enjoy the surprise and excitement of hunting, and use materials obtained from hunting monsters to make stronger Weapons and armor, challenge stronger monsters.


Since the fans of "Strange Hunting" have always been all over the world, the game has achieved amazing sales as soon as it was released, and it has topped the sales list for several weeks; but when it was just ported to the PC side, the optimization of the game had certain problems, which often caused Black screen, flashback, or dropped frames; later, the game was optimized several times to basically solve this problem. However, if you want to play the game on the PC, it is recommended to use a higher configuration graphics card.


"Monster Hunter World" has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign game media. Some media said: ""Monster Hunter: World" is a milestone in the Monster Hunter series. There is no doubt about it. In this work, we can clearly feel its leap in visuals, gameplay and design, no matter if it is entered. An environmentalist, an adventurer, or a swift hunter, it can bring us enough enjoyment and happiness. For the old hunters, it is an excellent opportunity to restart the journey; for new players For us, it’s the best time to get into Monster Hunter."


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