亚博登录网址|11天4场恶战!科曼迎来首次大考 三大奇兵能助巴萨过关吗?

After taking over Barcelona, ​​Koeman led the team to a record of 2 wins and 1 tie, scoring 8 goals and conceding only 1 goal, a good performance. A few days ago, "Daily Sports" wrote an article that Barcelona is about to usher in 4 fierce battles in 11 days. This is Coman’s first major test after becoming Barcelona’s coach, and his ability to rotate will be an important factor in whether Barcelona can pass the barrier smoothly. Top priority!


"Daily Sports" pointed out that before that, Koeman had always been a solidified person. His philosophy was "if things go well, there is no reason to uncover the shortcomings." However, the recent situation in Barcelona has forced Koeman. Had to make a short-term decision. So far, he has allocated most of his time to 14 players. In fact, he repeated the same starting in the first three games, except that Araujo replaced Langley, who was suspended due to a red card. In the first game against Villarreal, Koeman's lineup seemed to have a kind of magic. Griezmann, Fati and Messi form a trident, De Jong, Busquets and Coutinho form a three midfielder, they have greater freedom. In Coman's coaching, freedom is also a very important part.


In next Sunday's game against Getafe, Koeman will rotate the lineup for the first time. Koeman knows that no matter how strong his players are, it is extremely difficult to play 4 games in 10 days. And after playing Getafe, Barcelona will also usher in a game with Ferenc Varos in the middle of next week, which is their first Champions League this season. In just 4 days, Koeman's team will play away at home against Real Madrid, this is the first national derby this season. Needless to say, this game puts huge demands on the players' spirit and body. This will also be the climax of the first round of Barcelona this season.

在下周日对阵赫塔菲的比赛中,科曼将首次轮换阵容。 Koeman知道,不管他的球员有多强壮,在10天之内打4场比赛都非常困难。在打完赫塔菲之后,巴塞罗那还将在下周中旬与费伦茨·瓦罗斯(Ferenc Varos)迎战,这是他们本赛季的第一个冠军联赛。在短短4天之内,科曼的球队将在主场对阵皇家马德里的比赛中失利,这是本赛季的首场国家德比。不用说,首页这款游戏对玩家的精神和身体提出了巨大的要求。这也将是本赛季巴塞罗那第一轮的高潮。

After playing against Real Madrid, Barcelona will go to Turin in northern Italy to challenge Juventus, who owns Ronaldo. Of course, since Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for the new crown virus, whether he can play in this game is still unknown. This is the second matchup of the Barcelona Champions League group stage, and it seems to be an extremely complicated battle. In other words, in 11 days, Barcelona will usher in 4 fierce battles, which is also the biggest test that Koeman will face after becoming Barcelona's coach.

与皇马交锋后,巴塞罗那将前往意大利北部的都灵挑战拥有罗纳尔多的尤文图斯。当然,由于克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)对新的冠状病毒测试呈阳性,因此尚不清楚他亚博登录网址是否可以参加这场比赛。这是巴塞罗那冠军联赛小组赛的第二场比赛,这似乎是一场极其复杂的战斗。换句话说,巴萨将在11天之内迎来四场激烈的战斗,亚博登录网址这也是科曼成为巴萨教练后将面临的最大考验。

Pjanic Time


Up to now, Barcelona's most important signing Pjanic this summer has not played its role, nor has it been reused by Koman. The former Juventus midfielder currently only played 29 minutes for Barcelona (13 minutes against Villarreal and 16 minutes against Sevilla). In fact, in many people's eyes, Pjanic will be one of Barcelona's midfield starters in the new season, and he can form a dual-core with De Jong.

截至目前,巴塞罗那今年夏天最重要的签约帕尼奇尚未发挥作用,也没有被科曼再利用。这位前尤文图斯中场球员目前仅在巴塞罗那队出战29分钟(对维拉雷亚尔队出场13分钟,对塞维利亚队出场16分钟)。实际上,在许多人眼中,Pjanic将成为新赛季巴塞罗那中场先发球员之一,他可以与De Jong组成双核心。

Judging from the current situation, Pjanic needs more playing time, he needs to conduct actual combat drills and in-depth running-in with his new teammates, and Getafe looks like an ideal experimental opponent. If nothing else, Pjanic will get more playing time against Getafe. This situation also happened to Durst and Trincon. From the current point of view, the three new Barcelona players have not yet played their due role. And if they can have a good performance, Barcelona will have a greater certainty over the Devil's schedule.

从目前的情况来看,Pjanic需要更多的上场时间,他需要进行实战训练并与新队友进行深度磨合,赫塔菲看起来像是一个理想的实验对手。如果没有其他原因,Pjanic将在与赫塔菲的比赛中获得更多的上场时间。 Durst和Trincon也发生了这种情况。从目前的角度来看,巴塞罗那的三名新球员尚未发挥应有的作用。如果他们能有出色的表现,巴塞罗那将对魔鬼的比赛时间表有更大的把握。



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