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In the Serie A make-up match that ended early this morning, Beijing time, Inter Milan defeated Benevento 5-2, and the blue-black new aid Ashraf made his debut in the first show and became the focus of the audience.


In the 28 seconds of the opening, Ashraf sent an assist. He held the ball on the right to cooperate with Sanchez, and then passed the ball to the center. Lukaku, who arrived in time, scored the ball from close range. Inter Milan made a fantastic start.


In the 43rd minute of the game, Ashley Young crossed the goal kick. Lukaku who had outflanked the ball did not touch the ball. After Letizia touched the ball, Ashraf, who followed up, scored the ball. 4-1 lead.

在比赛的第43分钟,阿什利·扬越过球门球。超越了球的卢卡库(Lukaku)没有触球。 Letizia触球后,跟进的Ashraf得分了。 4-1领先。

In fact, as early as the first friendly game before the season, Ashraf contributed assists. In the last game against Fiorentina, Ashraf assisted Lukaku to score an equalizer. This game against Benevento was Ashraf’s first debut at Inter. The opening 28 seconds assisted his teammates + scored a first goal. Ashraf’s first show was perfect. In addition, Gallardini expanded. The score was also instigated by Ashraf.


As we all know, Inter coach Conte plays a three-back tactic. In this tactical system, the role of the two wings is very important. Previously, Inter Milan’s two wings, Dan Brosio and Candreva, did not have too strong impact and assists. In the summer window transfer, Inter spent 40 million euros to sign the Moroccan Flying Wing Ash from Real Madrid. Raf is to reinforce this short board in the lineup.

众所周知,国米教练孔戴扮演着三后卫的战术。在这个战术系统中,两个机翼的作用非常重要。此前,国际米兰的两支球队Dan Brosio和Candreva并没有产生太大的影响和助攻。在夏天首页的窗口转会中,国际米兰花了4000万欧元从皇家马德里签下了摩洛哥飞翼灰。 Raf将加强阵容中的这一短板。

When he played for Dortmund last season, Ashraf performed very well, scoring 9 goals and contributing 10 assists in 45 games this season. Ashraf also performed well in the two-round Champions League group stage with Inter.


Two assists were sent in 27 minutes. Ashraf became Inter's first man in 9 years. In addition, the goal in the 43rd minute made the Moroccan teenager, who made his debut for the first time, amazed the audience. In addition to the first time, Ashraf dominated the entire right in this game. He could attack, retreat and defend. He did a great job in assists, passing, breakthrough and defense, if not for Perisic's miss. With empty chances, Ashraf is likely to stage a double assist in this game.


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[Inter Milan striker meets the strongest support! Ashraf’s pass + consecutive assists are worth 40 million]


By signing the young Ashraf, Inter Milan reinforced a major shortcoming in the three-back tactics. With this performance, I believe Ashraf can quickly gain the trust of Conte and become a big kill for the Nerazzurri on the right. Device.


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