1. The club’s talent pool


Even if the current coach is coaching, many clubs will still pay attention to their favorite coach. Brighton is one of them, they track 5-6 coaches in the talent pool all the year round. Another club executive said that he has a list of 100 people and will update their current status regularly after narrowing the scope according to the actual needs of the team. "The most important thing is that the coaching style is consistent with the team. If you contact a dozen coaches of different styles, you have no idea about the future."

即使现任教练正在执教,许多俱乐部仍然会关注他们最喜欢的教练。布莱顿就是其中之一,他们常年在人才库中跟踪5-6名教练。另一位俱乐部高管表示,他拥有100人的名单,并将在根据团队的实际需求缩小范围后定期更新其当前状态。 “最重要的是,教练风格与团队保持一致。如果您与十几位风格迥异的教练联系,您将对未来一无所知亚博登录网址。”

2. Famous marshal


Compared with ordinary coaches, the interview process of Mourinho, Guardiola and Klopp is completely different. Agents become more important. Mendes often calls club owners directly and uses his influence to recommend clients.


The club also encounters internal problems. Some stars want to work with their favorite coaches. When the team loses, some players will call other coaches privately and tell him they are fighting for him.


3. The importance of PPT

3. PPT的重要性

More and more teams require coaches to prepare PPT during interviews, and it is more advantageous for coaches to use visual content to show their coaches.


When the Belgium national team selected the coach in 2016, the interview team asked each candidate to prepare a slideshow to analyze Belgium's performance in the European Cup. Martinez's PPT left a deep impression on the interview team, and another former Premier League coach's PPT was boring enough to "make players fall asleep".


Claridge, who coached in the low-level league, once participated in an interview. He submitted his resume and then answered the interviewer's questions. In the end, he lost the old school style. The team chose another modern coach. During the interview, he prepared a PPT covering the team's game style, youth training philosophy and even nutrition.


"Sometimes we don't make clear requirements, just want to see which coaches are more meticulous." A senior revealed, "Some coaches really do their homework and the presentation content is very thorough. Although this does not mean that they are the best candidates, But their attitude is much better than those coaches who just want to talk casually."


4. Bielsa


In 2018, Leeds United General Manager Kinnear and Director Ota flew to Buenos Aires to meet with Bielsa. The latter stunned the two during the interview-he watched all 51 games of Leeds United in the previous season. , Wrote dozens of pages of analysis, and talked with them for 13 hours.

2018年,利兹联队总经理Kinnear和导演Ota飞往布宜诺斯艾利斯与Bielsa会面。后者在采访中震惊了两人-他观看了上赛季利兹联的全部51场比赛。 ,撰写了数十页的分析报告,并与他们进行了13小时的交谈。

Kinnear recalled: "He knew Leeds better than the two of us. This is not an interview, this is a milestone meeting to push Leeds back to the Premier League." Bielsa studied each player and even did how to fill their vacancy plan.

Kinnear回忆说:“他比我们两个人更了解利兹。这不是一次采访,这是一次将利兹重返英超的里程碑式会议。” Bielsa研究了每个球员,甚至做了如何填补他们的空缺计划的事情。

5. Character


Most interviews are divided into two parts: football-related and football-related.


The first part includes questions: What results can you lead the team? How to create a game style? How to promote youth players into the first team? What is the specific training method? How much budget is needed?


The second part includes questions: Do you know the history of the club? Do you know the fan culture of your team? Are you willing to participate in community activities?


Most importantly, the senior management needs to understand the club culture and find a coach who interprets this culture. "Sometimes, when you see a club appoint a coach, your instinct will tell you that the two sides are inappropriate, such as Ipswich and Roy Keane."

最重要的是,高级管理层需要了解俱乐部的文化,并找到一位解释这种文化的教练。 “有时候,当您看到俱乐部任命一名教练时,您的直觉会告诉您双方都不适当,例如伊普斯维奇和罗伊·基恩。”

The members of the general club interview team include the chairman, CEO and team director. They will test the candidate’s communication skills during the interview process and determine whether he fits the team’s existing organizational structure. The Liverpool coach selection team only talked to Klopp once and decided to hire him. They felt that the German coach could succeed even if he became CEO.