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   Source of manuscript: Football News






At noon on September 28, the first stage of the deep football was ended. The team was disbanded in Dalian. The foreign teachers and foreign aids took the opportunity to return to Shenzhen. After a week of rest, the team will regroup in Shenzhen on October 4th. The second stage is the relegation competition.


   After more than 60 days of fierce battle, they have made up for the Super League this season, and finally ranked fifth in the group. What impression did they leave on the outside world? The reporter conducted an in-depth interview on this.


Due to the epidemic, the Chinese Super League will be divided into two groups and two stages this season. Group A of Shenzhen Football Club is "one super and many strong", including defending champion Evergrande, last season's FA Cup champion Shenhua, FA Cup runner-up Luneng, and traditional strong Team Suning, as well as R&F who advocates beautiful football and Jianye who "dominates all kinds of dissatisfaction", in terms of strength comparison, the strength of Group A is slightly higher than Group B. It is not easy to enter the championship group in this group.


   Before the final round of the competition, Shenzhen Football and the fourth-ranked Shenhua were only one point behind. In other words, in the final round, as long as they defeated Suning and Shenhua could not beat Jianye, they would succeed.


   "With such fierce competition in Group A, the hope of getting into the championship group was maintained in the final round. This is not easy for the Shenzhen team!" said a person familiar with the team.


As everyone knows, in the 14 rounds of the first stage of Group A, Shenzhen Football experienced three coaching teams, among which Donadoni led 4 rounds, Zhang Xiaorui led 5 rounds as the acting head coach, and Cruyff Jr. After taking office, he took the last 5 rounds.


   In the 14 rounds, there were three coaching teams. Players have to adapt and adapt, but the final round still maintains the possibility of reaching the championship group. It can be said that it is the result of the joint efforts of the whole team.


Among them, two wins at R&F, a 1-1 draw with Suning, and a 0-0 draw with Shenhua are all classics. Two of them were draws and the situation on the court was dominant. As long as you seized one or two opportunities, it was completely fine. Take all three points.


"Such a situation, for this year's comprehensive reorganization, the players re-run in terms of the team, the overall improvement, and let people see the team's efforts. The overall performance is good. It can be said that the team has improved its level in the fierce competition and has also found shortcomings. It has paved the way for the second stage of the league and has accumulated experience for the next higher level. ."




"All the players standing here have tried their best and are worthy of Shenzhen! Next, we will sum up and take a good rest. In the second stage of the competition, we will let everyone see the Shenzhen team that is more combative and can show its style. Win every opponent!" After losing to Suning in the final round, Shenzhen Football Team Captain Gao Lin came to the fan stand and said to more than 200 Shenzhen fans who came to cheer.


   Although it was uncomfortable to lose the ball, Gao Lin's words caused tears to the eyes of some fans.


   "Although the team lost this game, but the spirit of the deep, not lost!" Shenzhen fan "lunatic" said.


   In the first stage of the game, the reporter interviewed the two games of Shenzhen Football Club. In addition to the 0 to 1 Suning, there is also a 3 to 1 match in Dalian.


  Although the results are different, the fighting spirit and spirit shown by Shenzuo in the two games has improved a lot compared to the past, especially the team spirit, which is commendable.


   Two details are impressive. One was playing a match in Dalian. When the deep football players walked into the stadium to warm up, they suddenly saw many fans in the remote stands. Gao Lin immediately called all the players to the stands to thank them; the other was Suning. It was the 100th Super League game of the old captain Ge Zhen. Before the game, the coach Cruyff presented him with a commemorative jersey, and the players congratulated him on the sidelines.


   It can be seen that Shenzu has improved a lot in team spirit. "These changes in details are the biggest changes in the past year. Under the leadership of Gao Lin and other old players, the team is very united and the spirit has changed a lot from the past. This is very gratifying! "A deep-footed insider said.

可以看出,神族的团队合作精神得到了很大改善。 “这些细节上的变化是过去一年中最大的变化。在高林和其他老球员的带领下,球队非常团结,而且精神比以往有了很大的改变。这非常可喜!”有脚的知情人说。

   After almost every game, Gao Lin will lead the whole team in a circle on the court, shout a few words of encouragement, and say cheer everyone! Such a picture is almost absent in the previous deep foot.


   "I have been in the team for more than half a year, and I feel that the team is very united and tolerant. Even when the team is in a difficult time, everyone is united, the atmosphere is very good, and they get along well." Gao Lin said.


After losing to Jianye 1-2 in the fourth round, Shenzhen Football replaced the coaching staff. The Donadoni team left, Zhang Xiaorui served as acting head coach, Gao Lin served as assistant and captain, Guan Zhen served as acting goalkeeper coach, Yuan Weiwei Li Jianhua also rushed to help Dalian from Shenzhen.


It is worth noting that this coaching staff, whose average age is only 37 years old, has scored 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss and 8 points in 5 league matches, getting rid of the embarrassment of the team ranking the second two in Group A, special period, young The coaching staff stabilized the team and laid the groundwork for the arrival of coach Cruyff.


"During that special time, the team had a good atmosphere and a high degree of unity. Although there were ups and downs in the results, the momentum and confidence of everyone was always there. The leaders of the group and the club also gave the team a lot of support and encouragement." Zhang Xiaorui told reporters Say.


   The deep team spirit is not only on the court, but also off the court. On September 27, in the 14th round of the match against Suning, a group of special deep-foot expedition troops came from all over the country to the Dalian Sports Center to cheer for the team. They are representatives of the Shenzhen-foot brand family club.

深厚的团队合作精神不仅体现在球场上,而且表现在场外。 9月27日,在对阵苏宁的比赛的第14轮中,来自全国各地的一支特殊的深足探险队从大连赶赴大连体育中心为球队加油助威。他们是深圳足品牌家庭俱乐部的代表。

   Before the start of this season, Shenzhen Football signed a contract with more than 20 well-known companies to jointly unveil the brand family club of Shenzhen Football and escort the team in all aspects. After the start of the season, the members of the family club carried out a series of brand promotion, "second spot" fans watching the game, and players’ interactive cheering activities through the Shenzhen Football Brand Family Meeting platform built by the club, creating a series of hot topics and topics. It has deepened consumers' awareness of the corporate brand and made more fans know and fall in love with it.




   In the first stage, the results of the Shenzhen Football Club were like this: 14 rounds of competition, 5 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses, with 17 points, 20 to 20 goals.


5 victories, two wins for R&F, two wins for Dalian, and one win for Jianye; two draws with Shenhua and Suning respectively; 7 losses with two losses to Evergrande and two losses to Luneng. In addition, they also lost to Suning, Shenhua, and Jianye were established.

5场胜利,富力车队2胜,大连车队2胜,建业车队1胜;与申花和苏宁分别两次抽签; 7负,恒大2负,鲁能2负。此外,他们还输给了苏宁,申花和建业。

   The top four teams in Group A are Evergrande, Suning, Luneng and Shenhua. From the data point of view, apart from tying Suning and Shenhua, Shenzhen Football has never won the top four teams. Among them, Hengda and Luneng are both losers. This is worthy of deep thinking, that is, how to find a solution to the invincible situation.


Another statistic is that the Shenzhen Football Club scored 20 goals in the first stage, ranking third in the A-group goal list, surpassing Luneng's 19 goals and Shenhua's 16 goals. In terms of the number of goals conceded, Shenzhen Football is also 20, ranked fourth. Statistics on goals gained and lost show that Shenzhen Football is highly aggressive on the offensive end, but needs further improvement on the defensive end.


In addition, it is the possession rate. Even in the face of the defending champion Evergrande or the powerful Luneng, Shenzhen Football's possession rate is also dominant. However, Shenzhen Football has a long way to go from advantage to goal and even victory. To go.


   In an interview with reporters, Cruyff also mentioned this point, "From a data point of view, we are superior in possession and shooting opportunities, but we need to improve our ability to shoot on goal."


   "Shenzhen's 14 games, no wins against the top four teams, this shows that the current deep-foot strength is still insufficient, and we need to reinforce it." said a veteran in the football circle who has been paying attention to the deep-foot.


This season, Shenzhen Football Team has introduced many foreign players. Among them, Dzemayli never signed up. Bifuma was replaced by Iranian defender Prali Ganji before the last two games of the first stage. From these two actions, whether it is The coaching staff or the club are trying to improve the overall strength of the team.

本赛季,深圳足球队引进了许多外国球员。其中,Dzemayli从未签约。在第一阶段的最后两场比赛之前,Bifuma被伊朗后卫Prali Ganji取代。从这两个动作来看,亚博登录网址无论是教练组还是俱乐部,都在努力提高团队的整体实力。

   For Shenzhen Football, the good news is that Zhang Lu, the former national gate, has ended his suspension. He replaced Guan Zhen and officially registered. In the second stage of the competition, Shenzhen Football has added a strong international player.


After the first stage, the reporter interviewed several players from other teams in Group A. They all thought that the deep football team was not good enough to play this season, and they had certain strength. They all faced mid-tier teams such as R&F, Dalian and Jianye. Maintained its due impact.


   However, facing strong teams such as Evergrande, Luneng, and Suning, Shenzu is somewhat more than minded but lacks strength. It must continue to strengthen next season, and this is the only way for the team to improve its strength. Cruyff said in an interview: "It is very important for the team to be united. On the other hand, the ability of the players is also very important. For example, Barcelona, ​​whether there is Messi or not, is completely at two levels."




"The team's fighting spirit, defying strong opponents, and the fighting spirit to move forward courageously are admirable. Of course, in the past 14 rounds, when facing strong teams, the team's strength is slightly insufficient. For the current deep football, The primary task of the second stage of the league is to complete the relegation first, then continue to lay the foundation, accumulate food, continue to strengthen, and move forward step by step. The future goal is to become one of the strongest teams in the Super League!" This is A person who is very familiar with the situation of Shenzu, and his evaluation and expectations.


   Just as the little Cruyff said, "The process of growth and improvement has to be done step by step, we need to work hard to complete it, and we need to be unswervingly walking on the right path."


Although he lost to Suning in the last game, the opposing coach Olaroyu gave a good comment on the current deep foot. "Shenzhen has made great progress this year. They are currently moving in the right direction. Of course, to build a team It will take time. I believe Cruyff can create a good plan to help Shenzhen move forward." Olarroiu said.

尽管他在上一场比赛中输给了苏宁,但对方教练奥拉罗尤(Olaroyuyu)对目前的脚步给出了很好的评价。 “深圳今年取得了长足进步。他们目前正朝着正确的方向前进。当然,要组建一支团队需要时间。我相信克鲁伊夫可以制定一个好的计划来帮助深圳前进。”奥拉鲁尤说。

   Olaroyu and Cruyff Jr. both have rich coaching experience and understand the rules of football. When Cruyff became the head coach, he was catching up with Shenzu rising from a low point. After he first contacted the team, his inner feeling was that Shenzu was a team with dreams.

Olaroyu和Cruyff Jr.都有丰富的教练经验,并且了解足球规则。当克鲁伊夫成为总教练时,他正从低谷追赶神族。在他第一次联系团队后,他的内心感觉是神族是一个有梦想的团队。

As Cruyff’s son, the young Cruyff’s football experience is also rich. As a player, he played for Manchester United and Barcelona. After retiring, he was a sports director and a coach. These experiences can make him Understand football from different angles and better understand what the club and players need.


   In fact, after arriving in the Dalian Division, Cruyff did not immediately take over the team, but as a spectator, watching the match against Shenhua in the stands.


Cruyff took 5 games. It can be seen that he respects the law of football and hopes to gradually improve the state of the team and players. "Football is a regular one. The growth of teams and players requires a process. Many things are impossible. Achieved overnight, so we have to be down-to-earth and go step by step." Cruyff said, "To become a stronger team, it takes a process and some time. Many things cannot go directly from 0 to 100. So, We need clubs and teams from top to bottom, from domestic aid to foreign aid, from leaders to employees, everyone unites and works together."

克鲁伊夫打了5场比赛。可以看出他尊重足球法则,希望逐步改善球队和球员的状态。 “足球是有规律的。团队和球员的成长需要一个过程。很多事情是不可能的。要在一夜之间实现,因此我们必须脚踏实地,一步一步地前进。”克鲁伊夫说:“要成为一支更强大的团队,需要一个过程和一段时间。很多事情不能直接从0到100。所以,我们需要从上到下的俱乐部和团队,从国内援助到外国援助,从领导到员工,大家团结一致,共同努力。”