On June 5th, 6 members of the 01 National Youth League led by the 19-year-old national footballer Tao Qianglong boarded the hot search.


Many times, Chinese football has become a hot event, and it is often accompanied by ridicule and criticism instead of praise. This time is no exception.


On May 30th, after the match between the 01 National Youth League and Shenhua was over, as the next day was a rest day, there was no training or competition. After the coaching staff rounds that night, Tao Qianglong, Han Dong, He Longhai, Ren Lihao, Peng Hao and Six Liu Zhurun ​​and his party slipped out of the base.


SIPG 3 generals Ren Lihao, Peng Hao, and Liu Zhurun ​​invited the other three to go to the nightclub on the grounds of the host. So there were reports of Bengdi drinking and not coming home at night.

SIPG 3将军任立豪,彭浩和刘祝润以主持人的身份邀请其他三人去夜总会。因此,有报道称蚌地饮酒,晚上不回家。

After the incident, the national youth coaching staff immediately reported the situation to the Football Association Disciplinary Committee, and some media have also heard about it.


Since the 01 National Youth League has suffered a lot of negative public opinion before, including the Panda Cup trophy being stepped on, and the Asian preliminaries’ worst score in 25 years, relevant people want to digest the matter internally and make the major incident small. But in the end it was exploded by the media.


As soon as the news came out, the comment area exploded again.


Fan A: "After the game, I still have the energy to open a carnival party, worthy of the master of time management."


Fan B: "Inherited the fine tradition of Gao Feng and other big brothers, what can't you do, drinking first."


Fan C: "Fortunately, it is not an Evergrande player. Otherwise, according to the 39th team rules, this will be expelled. It depends on Chen Xuyuan's attitude."


After the drinking incident was disclosed, the coach Cheng Yaodong took the initiative to take the responsibility: "We are responsible for education and management. This requires our reflection."


Campus education


Management is a matter of functional departments, and lack of player education is not just a problem for coaches.


From 2018 when Zhou Junchen was suspended for going out in violation of regulations for one year, to last year Guo Tianyu was banned for half a year for playing mobile phones, and Zhang Lu was driven while drunk, to now the 6 National Youth League’s drinking incidents, in less than two years, there have been as many as four Guozihao violations. .

从2018年周俊臣因违反法规而被停赛一年以来,到去年郭天宇因玩手机被禁止半年,而张璐醉酒后被驱逐,直至现在的第六届全国青年联赛事件发生后不到两年的时间里,就发生了多达四起国字号侵权行为。 。

Zhu Yi, the person in charge of the German transfer to China, put forward a methodology when expressing his views on this matter: "In view of the ideological and character characteristics of young athletes, (the relevant departments) should develop a special professionalism education plan."


As we all know, most of the current domestic players in the Super League are from professional teams, and most of them have technical secondary school diplomas (not including those with high-level athletes). Few of them can stand out from the campus system like Duan Liuyu and even Cai Haojian who is studying for a master's degree.


This may be able to explain why Yao Ming submitted a proposal for "professional athletes to be included in the compulsory education system" during the two sessions.


"Sports without education is not strong, and the future development of the country requires young people to have a healthy personality."


In Yao Ming's view, the core values ​​of modern sports include patriotism, national sentiment, awareness of rules, team awareness, fighting spirit and courage to overcome setbacks.


Judging from the behavior of these six players alone, their rule awareness and team awareness are undoubtedly going to be remade.


As an adult professional player, especially an elite wearing national clothing, if even they are unable to abide by the rules and safeguard the interests of the team, does it also illustrate the practical significance of Yao Ming's proposal?


In the bill, Yao Ming also refined his methodology, encouraging elementary and middle schools to strengthen cooperation with sports schools, and changing the traditional closed training model of sports schools to ensure the overall development of students' bodies and minds.


Fan Zhiyi once was a guest on a TV show and shared a short story when he was raised in captivity.


"At that time, Director Xu (Xu Genbao) locked the door, but several of us, including Xie Hui, Cheng Yaodong, I and Yao Jun, were going to climb the window and sneak out. Hey. I didn’t expect someone to give a small report and we were arrested when we came out. Right now."


"The most funny thing is Xie Hui. It took a lot of effort to climb down. Guidance Sang (Sang Tingliang) is below. He opened his voice and shouted: Where did you come from. Then Xie Hui crawled back in grief."


When Xie Hui later recalled this past event, he did not approve of such closed management.


"At such an energetic age, I was always in a captive state, and being held in this way would cause normal people to be suffocated. Therefore, it was normal for me to climb the wall at that time."


It is understood that many professional sports schools have changed their own development models. The cooperation between Shanghai Putuo Women's Football and Jinshajiang Primary School and Meilong Middle School is the most successful example of the transformation of professional sports schools. Here, the women's national football players such as Zhao Lina and Tang Jiali have walked out.


On the premise of ensuring that the players do not leave the school, Putuo Women's Football allows the coach to go down to the campus and use the spare time such as school to teach the players professional football to ensure the balanced development of the child's body and mind.


Social education


From the moment of birth, everyone's education comes from three aspects: social education, campus education and family education.


Different from ordinary industries, professional players in China are mainly affected by family education and social education, that is, the parents who come to teach the team. In the team, coaches and teammates are two major groups that cannot be ignored in the growth process.


In 2019, a Japanese coach from Greentown posted a photo on Twitter: Three Shenhua staff members were smoking cigarettes on the court, and the young players on the side were listening to the coach's tactical analysis.


The Japanese coach can't help but complain: "The child listens in front, and you smoke in the back. Not only this team, but many Chinese teams are like this. I have no objection to smoking, but please don't be on the court, let alone in front of the children."


Former Shenxin coach Zhu Jiong also talked about this issue: "Our coach himself goes to drink at night and gets up in the morning. How do you ask the team members?"


Dutch coach Ali Shaw once said: "The rate of success in youth training is not high, and more than 70% depends on the coach."

荷兰教练阿里·肖(Ali Shaw)曾说过:“青年训练的成功率并不高,超过70%取决于教练。”

The coach is to the players what the teacher is to the students. Therefore, many players' education problems fall on the coaches, as do the coaching staff of the National Youth League.


In contrast, teammates are like classmates, senior players, their words and deeds will also affect the younger generation. It's like Zhang Lu, a former countryman, a cigarette in exchange for a review book. A bottle of wine, a kick of the accelerator, sent himself to prison.

相反,队友就像同学,资深球员一样,他们的言行也会影响年轻一代。就像是前乡下人张露(Zhang Lu)抽烟换来了一本评论书。一瓶酒,加速器的一踢,使自己入狱。

And Zhang Lu’s former club Tianjin Tianhai was at the critical stage of relegation at the end of last year. Due to dissatisfaction with the team’s always equalized and reversed situation after scoring goals, Tianhai team leader Li Weifeng furious in the locker room after the game and criticized the players’ professional attitude.


"Kicking and dispersing life, telling you, life management and training management are equal to victory in the game. The old have an old look. Set a role model for the little ones, and the young ones must be more forging ahead."


Of course, Chinese football is like two sides of the same coin. The bad is naturally good.


Take Zheng Zhi and Wang Song, the two evergreen trees in Chinese football today, for example. Their words and deeds are undoubtedly the best textbooks.


In an interview with "Football News" in January this year, Zhang Linpeng recalled the story of running with the 38-year-old Zheng Zhibi two years ago.


"During the World Cup in Russia, the team arranged physical tests, namely running, various types of running, accelerated running, sprint running, and running at a constant speed. I am very competitive and feel that my physical fitness is not bad, but facing the 38-year-old Zhige, I was actually at a disadvantage."


The reason behind this is that Evergrande Captain goes to bed early and wakes up day in and day out, drinking only white water and not drinks, in exchange for ensuring a normal life schedule and hard training.


As for Wang Song, as early as during the R&F period, after every open day for fans, when coaches and players finished training, Wang Song always had to stay on the court for a while, the main purpose was to practice free kicks. Sometimes, even when teammates walk out of the base after taking a shower, they can still see Wang Song.


Many players younger than Wang Song would shout: "Brother Song, I haven't finished training yet!"


It is a pity that the evergreen tree is a rare product in Chinese football, but Tao Qianglong cannot enjoy it.


family Education


In Li Tie's autobiography "Iron Is Burning", there is a sentence: "My father didn't ask me anything, but a sentence he often said was: Just do what you do, just work hard, just be serious. "


The "real" Li Tie remembered his father's words in his heart and took action. Later, he became a Chinese footballer, stood on the stage of the World Cup, realized his dream of the British stadium, and is now the national football coach.


"He is extremely demanding on details. For example, after becoming a coach, in addition to sleeping for four or five hours, I think he has to spend the remaining 20 hours on football." Li Xiang recalled.


Parents, as their children's initiation teachers, are also the keynote speakers of family education, and their behavior affects their children all the time, as do players.


The reason why Zhao Junzhe was able to have one Liaozu for his whole life was due to his father's entrustment to himself: "Father often told me that the Liaozu needs someone to stick to it, and someone needs to be loyal to the Liaozu for a lifetime. I kept the Liaozu and kept his spirit. home."


Therefore, Zhao Junzhe has become synonymous with "loyalty".


On the contrary, when the national youth players and the national team have repeatedly broke out negative news, if we only use them or this group to criticize, will it be unfair?


Does the educator behind them also have the problem of lacking in the personality shaping of rule awareness, team awareness, professional ethics, etc.?


What kind of parents shape what kind of children. If the educators behind them are Li Tie’s father, Zhao Junzhe’s father, or even Sun Xingmin’s father, can these players also make fewer detours and less jump into pits?


On June 6, the six players who violated discipline received a six-month suspension. They will pay for their faults, but who should pay for their education?