After struggling to save for a year, Morey finally went all the way.


   The first reaction of many fans after hearing the news was: It's dawn.


   Indeed, Morey’s departure has brought a lot of unknowns to this team. As long as everything still exists in the fantasy, there will be infinite possibilities.


   For example, will the Rockets still play Magic Ball next season?


   Or, how will they adjust their lineup structure?


   Since they are all YYs, let me briefly talk about my views on this team.


The Rockets team is essentially a team built on the extraordinary ability of dual-core, but the core competence suddenly collapsed, unable to carry the relatively deformed personnel structure of the team itself, and appeared lame in strength. A landslide fell all the way. After losing to the Lakers by a big score of 1 to 4, it basically means that the Rockets' championship window has been closed, which is also one of the reasons that forced them to make changes.


   How did that change?


   In terms of play, I don't think the Rockets will continue the previous magic ball.


   After several years of experimentation, this theory has already failed. The concept-based efficiency play of three points + basket, driven by Harden's super personal ability, is indeed very able to guarantee the team's record lower limit, but the lack of stability is also destined to be easier for them to fight at high intensity. The side that has the problem first.


   With the success of the Lakers reaching the top, the value of big players is picking up, and the Rockets have a high probability of returning to the ranks of normal teams.


   The question they need to consider more should be, how can they become a normal team?


  At this time, we want Lafertita and Morey to come out and whip the corpse again. If Capella is still in the formation, they want to adjust the difficulty of the team's play, it will be much smaller. After all, you still have a big center in it, and the complete structure of a normal team is still there. But now, the Rockets cannot even meet this basic condition.


   If they want to adjust their lineup structure, they can only rely on free agent signing and trading.


How difficult is   ? Next you taste...


   First of all, in the free agent signing. Next season, the Rockets still have 9 players in the contract period, Westbrook + Harden + Gordon + Covington + House + Tucker + Rivers + McClemo + Clemons, the total salary is about For 129 million US dollars. This number is far beyond the expected salary cap, so the Rockets have no room to get free agents. They can only rely on special exceptions if they want to strengthen. At the same time, we also know that “not paying the luxury tax” is the old practice of the Rockets team. In addition, the probability of winning the championship is not high. We want Fertitta to continue to burn money to make reinforcements. It is equivalent to talking about dreams.


  Combining these two points, I think the only possibility for the Rockets this offseason to do "subtraction on the lineup".


   But who should be reduced?


   This is a big problem. Because the negative equity that the Rockets have now is really terrifying.


Wei Shao’s contract with an average salary of more than 43 million yuan has three years left. In terms of his current physical condition, the starting point for making this transaction can only be considered from the perspective of relieving salary pressure, and want to change it back. It is almost impossible to realize the positive assets of the price.


Gordon just completed an early renewal last summer. The new contract will come into effect next season. The average salary exceeds 19 million for a period of 4 years. Considering his 32-year-old age, combined with the injuries he has suffered in recent years Illness and performance on the field, a proper premium contract.


   These two extremely difficult contracts, the total salary for next season is close to 58 million. It accounts for almost half of the salary cap, which can be regarded as killing the Rockets.


   Among the remaining players, the contracts of Rivers, House, Clemmons and McClemo are not big and they are easier to deal with, but they can only treat the symptoms and not the root cause.


   The Rockets’ real high-quality assets are actually three, Harden, Tucker and Covington.


   Tucker’s contract has only one year left, and his annual salary of 7.96 million plus the state of the game he has shown in recent years, there is no need to worry about no one to take over. The same is true for Covington. The top 3D striker defender who can swing in multiple positions only asks for 12.13 million. As long as you are willing to sell, someone will definitely come to offer.


   At this time, it is time for the Rockets to make a trade-off.


   First of all, they have to figure out one thing, what kind of team do they want for the Rockets?


  Because you have to trade Covington and Tucker in exchange for insiders, you will inevitably compare with the past. There are not many insiders who have similar trading value with these two players in the market. Even if there are, there are really not a few people who can be more suitable for Harden than Capela.


I used Capella last year, a defensive blue-collar pie, and I bought Covington. If I want to trade him for a center back now, if his ability is not as good as Capella, then I will What are you drawing again? -This kind of "reluctant" and "unwilling" mentality is very likely to influence the judgment of the Rockets management.

去年,我使用了Capella,这是一种防御性的蓝领派,我买了Covington。如果我现在想用他换回中锋,如果他的能力不如卡佩拉,那我会再给你画什么? -这种“不情愿”和“不愿”的心态很可能影响火箭管理层的判断力。

  In this situation, the Rockets are most likely to encounter, and the probability is still similar to the past:


   Fishing for some small fish and shrimp on the free market, and then making a few trivial trades, and then continuing to get stuck in a position where it can’t be better, and then after another season, that may be the case.


   But, don’t they still have a Harden?


   This will be a very controversial discussion.


   But if the Rockets are willing to look at the future of the team with an unbreakable mentality, then from the perspective of the team's interests first, trading Harden should also be regarded as one of many choices.


   If the Rockets are willing to send Harden away, then they can at least get a talented young man from this deal and a lot of first-round picks. At the same time, sending Harden away means a complete overthrow. Players with surviving trading value, such as Covington and Tucker, can be used by the Rockets to cash out and exchange them for future reconstruction.


   Without the big demand of record pressure, the troubles will naturally be much less.


   But do they really dare to make the decision "to send away the best shooting guard in the league today"?


This is destined to be an offseason that will determine the fate of the Rockets in the next few years. Morey is only the beginning. If the weather in Houston can really clear up, we still have to wait and see to see if the new Stone can change. Magical magic.


   Or... Knicks, come here?