Habib Numangomodov knows that this weekend's matchup with Justin Gage will not be easy, and he also knows that he can't get results every time he strikes. In the press conference before the game, he explained his main strategy of the game, which is to constantly attack and exhaust Gage's physical strength, and ultimately to disintegrate the opponent's defense.

哈比卜·努曼戈莫多夫(Habib Numangomodov)知道,本周末与贾斯汀·盖奇(Justin Gage)的比赛并不容易,他还知道每次罢工都无法取得结果。在比赛前的新闻发布会上,他解释了比赛的主要策略,该策略是不断攻击和耗尽Gage的体力,并最终破坏对手的防守。

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"I think he has great anti-fall ability, very good. He knows how to wrestle, he has been wrestling almost his whole life, but I think he has used wrestling far less frequently than mine in the past 5 or 6 years. In training or competition, I wrestle all the time. Wrestling and ground suppression are my main means of becoming a champion, and I don’t think he has been an excellent wrestler in the past few years."


"He has a foundation in wrestling. He has been training in wrestling since he was a child, but many things have changed now. Of course, he knows how to prevent falls, but his physical fitness is obvious to all. If I had the first two rounds Wrestling with him all the time, then by the third round, I may have a chance to end him because he does not have enough physical fitness to keep going."


"My main tactic is to make him tired, and then look for opportunities to end him, this may happen in the third or fourth round. Of course, I will be ready to play five rounds, but my goal is to drag down He, then surrender him."


In addition to the ability to wrestle, Geki is in fact an out-and-out standing player. His ability to cause damage to opponents is very rare in UFC history, but at the same time he himself will suffer the same serious blow. According to statistics, Gage's effective number of hits per minute is 7.74, but the number of hits he eats per minute is as high as 8.37. This shows that most of Gage's chances of hitting his opponents were obtained by relying on his own body. It is also true that Habib believes that Gage is not a smart opponent.


"My fighting IQ is much better than him. He is just a brave guy. He likes fighting and blood battles. He is a real warrior. He can fight well and can make you fall asleep with one punch. But if we talk about Fighting IQ, I am much smarter than him."


"Gage is a very interesting opponent. This is a very exciting duel. His last match with Tony Ferguson was impressive and his performance was very good. He is a man who knows how to wrestle and how to play. Boxing, how to kick opponents, in addition to having a wealth of experience in the game."


If Habib successfully defended his title of lightweight title by defeating Gage in UFC254 at the weekend, his professional record will be updated to 29 straight victories. At the same time, three consecutive successful defending titles will allow him to tie the title of UFC lightweight title. The historical defending record.


In recent years, Habib has become the hottest player in terms of fame and box office revenue through competitions with several top players such as Connor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and Justin Gage. One of the players. But even so, Habib believes he still has some distance from his goal of becoming the greatest player in MMA history.

近年来,通过与康纳·麦格雷戈(Connor McGregor),达斯汀·普里里尔(Dustin Poirier)和贾斯汀·盖奇(Justin Gage)等几位顶级选手的竞争,哈比卜在名望和票房收入方面已成为最热门的选手。球员之一。但是即使如此,哈比卜仍然认为自己与成为MMA历史上最伟大球员的目标还有一段距离。

"I think to achieve this goal, I still need to win a few more games. A few high-profile super games will make my career legacy more difficult to surpass."


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